Advantages of Cloud Computing in Education

Right now there is a lot of buzz about cloud computing. In fact, some believe that within a year, cloud computing will be used in K-12 schools and that it will consume almost 25% of their yearly budgets. But, do you know what cloud computing really is and why are there so many people using it?

Basically, cloud computing is the use of a network of remote servers that are hosted on the internet instead of local servers. This process will help to cut IT costs as well as to make content management processes for educational systems easier.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Back Up: One important ability of the cloud is that it will save content automatically, thus making it nearly impossible to delete or lose any crucial data. So, if a computer crashes, all the contents and documents will still be safe and accessible from the cloud.

Storage: The cloud will allow users to be able to store nearly all kinds of content and data including documents, eBooks, applications, music and much more.

Accessibility: Any kind of data that is stored in the cloud will be easily accessed from almost any device including tablets and phones.

Collaboration: Since the cloud can allow multiple users to be able to be able to work on a document and to edit document at the same time, it can allow effortless sharing and transmitting of ideas. Group projects and lesson plans can be optimized by both teachers and students.

More Cloud Computing Benefits

Resource and Time Conscious: Since the accessibility of content is online, there will no longer be a need for teachers to spend a lot of time and resources printing and copying long documents or lesson plans. Now, the students will be able to access their homework assignments, notes and other school related materials online.

Assignments: The cloud will allow teachers to post assignments on line. The students will be able to access these assignments and complete them and save them in a folder to be reviewed at a later date. This could mean no wasting of time turning in papers during class instructional time.

Using the cloud to assist students and teachers alike is a great concept. With the passage of school budgets and the accessibility to the computers and internet, our children will be ready to lead our communities one day soon.

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