What Applications To Move To The Cloud First

It is becoming more accepted that some of a company’s applications could benefit from dwelling in the public cloud. From cloud service providers, a few of your customers may already believe this idea and could be open to cloud computing as an idea that could help them grow faster than their capital investment budget will allow.


Cloud Applications

They could be at a loss when it comes down to where they should start. Should all of your applications be moved to the cloud or should you only move a few? Which order should you move your applications?

It is one thing to be grateful for something as an idea, someone that analysts and journalists will continue to talk at length for a while, and entirely another to take the jump and apply this to your own business. So, if your customers view the cloud as a long term strategy, you will have to guarantee a positive first impression and therefore these early stages are important.

Think about where your customer’s current applications might sit in the differentiation spectrum: on the left end will be their commoditized applications, like web, collaboration applications and the like; on the right will be their highly differentiated, critical business applications like legacy or those that are most affected by the local compliance regulations. Basically, a left and right approach makes the most sense.

Cloud Applications Ideas

With that being said, not all of your customers’ applications will be best suited for the cloud at any stage. So, some thought should be given to the following ideas too:

The application’s lifetime: If the application is ready for a huge redevelopment, or for decommission, the budget might be better spent on an equivalent that is fully cloud aware.

Complexity: If the application inter-dependencies are more complex, then the higher the cost to migrate the application to the cloud.

Compliance and Privacy Concerns: Are there any requirements for a certain level of data center security?

In these specific cases, they are rare and with the right level of consideration, even the most complex and demanding applications will usually have an available migration path to the cloud.

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