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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing Forget Worrying About SpaceThe greatest benefit of cloud computing is that once it’s been set up, you no longer need to worry about space. All the physical machinery is on the server end. All you will need is a speedy internet connection and a basic computer and you’ll be

How to Choose the Right Capacity for Your Managed Server

Choosing the Right Managed Server Based on Disk Space You’d be amazed at how much data managed servers can handle. Today’s managed servers can handle hundreds of gigabytes of data at a time. Some can handle one thousand gigabytes, a measurement that is also known as a terabyte. However, you have to be aware of

Bandwidth and Your Managed Server

How Much Server Bandwidth do I Need? Have you taken a look at the bandwidth numbers that come with managed server listings? Bandwidth is a huge point of managed servers that you must take a closer look at when finding ways to get your hosting needs maintained well enough. Bandwidth is a total measurement of

Control Panels – A Valuable Tool for Managed Servers

Extending Server Functionality You might be impressed at some of the control panel programs that you could add to your managed server. A control panel will give you access to several controls and features that go into your server. You can even use it to analyze what’s happening in your server at a specific time.

Who Will BackUp The Backups?

There is nothing that is more certain than a good computer that has bad things happen to it. Hard disks can crash. The operating systems can get corrupted. You can lose network connectivity during one of the busiest days of the year. Then you realize that after clicking on delete that you really wanted to

What Applications To Move To The Cloud First

It is becoming more accepted that some of a company’s applications could benefit from dwelling in the public cloud. From cloud service providers, a few of your customers may already believe this idea and could be open to cloud computing as an idea that could help them grow faster than their capital investment budget will

A Few Guidelines for Analyzing Cloud Hosting Providers

There are all sorts of quality cloud hosting providers that might help you with getting your cloud computing network up and running. Not every single option is alike though. You’ll have to use several guidelines when thinking about who might be right for your particular needs. These guidelines are dedicated mostly to how you can

Criteria for Finding the Right Managed Hosting Providers

There are several different managed hosting providers that might assist you with different goals that you may have for keeping your website running twenty-four hours a day. Your managed hosting service will make it so that particular hosting provider will be responsible for running the data center, network, server and operating system that your data

FedRAMP is a Unique Governmental Program

FedRAMP, or the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, is used as a means of making it easier for security services to work on cloud-based networks. It has to be operated appropriately to keep all parties that use cloud-based programs running as well as possible. The main purpose of this program is to ease governmental

How Can E-Rate Benefit Schools?

E-Rate is a service used to help schools and libraries around the United States receive online access and telecommunications services without having to pay too much money to get these services. E-Rate is useful for schools in that it will help them out with keeping connected with the necessary programs people want to use. This

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