Benefits of Using a Cloud Server

Simply put, the term cloud server basically means virtual server that runs on the cloud computing environment. This is why cloud servers are sometimes called Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS. It is true that all cloud servers can also be called virtual dedicated servers. But the opposite is not always the case.

cloud server

The reason for this is that a virtual dedicated server can only be placed with a single hardware server and it suffers from a single point failure if any of its hardware fails. On the other hand, cloud servers do run as a software independent unit. So, cloud servers will have all the software it needs to run and it will not depend on any installed software.

Benefits Of a Cloud Server

The freedom to change or modify the server software that you need is critical. This will include the operating system kernel that is not always included with other virtualization solutions like some private virtual servers.

The security and stability since the software problem can be isolated to and from your environment. While other cloud servers cannot harm you, you also cannot harm others. If other users overload their servers, this has no impact on your server since your resources are dedicated to you and your stability is guaranteed.

Costs of a Cloud Server

A cloud server is likely hold the best stability to cost ratio. Cloud servers will not suffer from the typical server and hardware problems, plus they have benefits like stability, they are faster and are more secure.

The cloud server is more economical and efficient that the ordinary dedicated server. For a similar cost, cloud servers will be able to receive more important resources and your cloud server is faster. In web hosting lingo, your website will run much faster on a cloud hosting server than on a traditional server.

We need to also tell you that a cloud server is very scalable. It is easy and very fast to upgrade your CPU, memory or disk space to a cloud server.

That is why cloud servers have become very popular and more preferred than the traditional dedicated server. This is true for the low to mid-level servers.

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