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Bandwidth and Your Managed Server

How Much Server Bandwidth do I Need? Have you taken a look at the bandwidth numbers that come with managed server listings? Bandwidth is a huge point of managed servers that you must take a closer look at when finding ways to get your hosting needs maintained well enough. Bandwidth is a total measurement of

Criteria for Finding the Right Managed Hosting Providers

There are several different managed hosting providers that might assist you with different goals that you may have for keeping your website running twenty-four hours a day. Your managed hosting service will make it so that particular hosting provider will be responsible for running the data center, network, server and operating system that your data

Layers of Security

What Layers of Security Should Be Offered By a Dedicated Hosting Solution Provider? You have to be sure that you are getting an appropriate amount of security for your web hosting needs. This is regardless of what you want to add to it all. Security is used to physically and digitally protect your program data

PCI DSS Controls

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a general form of security used for online transactions where cards are to be used. These include credit and debit cards among many others. People are using these cards at record rates when online and as a result there is a strong need to make sure that