What Is A Cloud Application?

A cloud application or cloud app is basically a web based application program that will function in the cloud, with some of the same characteristics of a true desktop application and some of the same characteristics of a true Web application. A desktop application usually resides only on a single device that is at the user’s location (remember that it does not really have to be a desktop computer). But, a Web application is usually stored on the remote server and then forwarded over the Internet through a browser interface.

cloud application

Desktop Application

Like desktop applications, cloud applications can give the user faster responsiveness and they can also work offline as well. Like the web applications, cloud applications do not need to reside on the local desktop device permanently, but they are easily updated online. Cloud applications are usually under the main user’s constant control and they do not always use storage space on the user’s computer or communications device. Assuming the user has a fairly fast Internet connection a cloud application can offer all the interactivity of a desktop application plus have the portability of a Web application.

If you do have a cloud application, it is able to be used by anyone with a Web browser and a communications device that is able to connect to the Internet. Some tools do exist in the cloud and can be modified in the cloud, the actual user’s interface will exist on the local device. The user is able to cache data locally, and can also enable full offline mode whenever they need to.

Cloud Application

A cloud application, unlike a Web application, is able to be used on board an airplane or in other sensitive situations where a wireless device is not allowed since the application can function even thought the Internet connection has been disabled. Also, cloud applications are able to provide some usability even when there is no Internet connection available for extended periods of time (while camping in a remote wilderness, for example).

Cloud applications have become very popular among people who want to share some of their content on the Internet.

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