Cloud Computing Enabling The Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is true that cloud services have helped to level the playing field for a lot of small to medium size businesses. It is hard to pin down only one factor that makes cloud computing a game changer for businesses of any size. Maybe the major benefit rests in the ability to level the playing field. Removing muchof the upfront costs, the cloud can allow small to medium size businesses to be able to compete with their larger rivals and in some cases, even surpass them.

Nevertheless, large businesses should not feel confined by their legacy systems. The power to use the cloud to help identify new efficiencies and opportunities is not just for the new kids on the block. The whole idea is to determine exactly where the cloud can deliver the greatest value for your company.

There are three qualities the cloud can bring to IT – scale – or the ability to be able to handle nearly limitless volumes of data in milliseconds. Then, the second quality is the ability to be everywhere – because cloud solutions can be available anywhere. The third quality is user centricity – since the technology needs to be easy for all your employees to get to.

Leveling The Cloud Computing Playing Field

Since there will be less infrastructure and few internal processes in the cloud, new startup and small to medium companies have long been considered more flexible and more agile than their larger competitors. But, larger companies are able to keep their dominance by relying on scale, infrastructure superior technology and access to multiple markets. Since the arrival of cloud computing, this has eroded the advantages for the larger companies. Maybe that is why larger companies are starting to become concerned.

Large companies have built themselves up and have long term investments in place and cannot replace existing infrastructure. But, they can look into solutions that will sit on top of their existing systems. Big data is one example of opportunities for big business to be able to crunch larger volumes and to react faster to the market changes. This is one perfect example for cloud computing software.

Building With Cloud Computing For The Future

Some companies around the world have dumped their old processes in favor of the new cloud computing systems. These systems have the ability to be tightly integrated with legacy infrastructure. Now these companies can take data from their new cloud based system, and make decisions faster and easier than ever before.

An interesting point about these larger companies is that the responsibility for the application remained with the IT department. Basically, the process of generating the new decisions could be cut down from 8 weeks to a few days. Plus, these companies are able to check on market conditions on the day they make their final decisions. These businesses are able to exploit new and faster opportunities for their customers.

Cloud Computing As The Enabler

The cloud is absolutely enabling a new flood of startups and group of entrepreneurs to be able to compete in a more competitive and sometimes global market. When you think about the cloud’s ubiquity, scalability and user centricity, it is absolutely clear that the cloud needs to be on the agenda of all companies in some way.

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