Cloud Computing Is Getting Personal

The term “Cloud” seemingly is not enough of a nondescript analogy for the future of cloud computing. Now some are trying to divide up the cloud so they can shed some light on what is a truly confusing technology.

Cloud computing is not the only cloud term we have and use. We also have the private cloud, public cloud, the virtual cloud and many, many other types of “cloud computing”. But to some, the strangest of all “clouds” is the personal cloud.

Evolution of Personal Cloud Computing

As some believe, industry analysts’ single role was to confuse other markets just enough to defend getting paid by cloud vendors and cloud computing clients in order to clear up the confusion they themselves created in the first place. As it turns out, some analysts actually believed what was said. To make matters worse, some of the stuff that the analysts were saying was true, just misunderstood by the vendors.

Vicious Cycle of Cloud Computing

Even though analysts have kept their same roles in today’s markets, many information technologists (IT) are still struggling. They seem to be stuck between 3 competing worlds: what is the significance of the Windows 7 implementations, how will they figure out the architecture of the future when the architectures of the past are now ancient; and what will be done with the push from consumers who bring more devices and websites into the organizations.

The internet world has changed forever. Now consumers are driving the demand. One organization is not able to lock down the internet, Facebook and many other social services. Even if they tried, they would not be able to lock down personal cell phones, iPads and other cellular devices.

The Personal Cloud Computing Term

What exactly is a personal cloud computing? There most likely is no such thing as a personal cloud. The cloud is the cloud. Since everyone wants to be part of the cloud, it is understandable that they give it the term “personal cloud”. Some want to be associated with their own “personal” cloud.

Personal cloud venders have not invented new cloud computing. They realize that, but they still want to be put into a specific category for marketing reasons.

All of this can be extremely confusing, so let Local Web take the confusion out of the cloud. Call Local Web today for more information on what the cloud is and what they will be able to do for you.

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