Cloud Computing Powers The Future Of Business

Since the conception of Cloud computing and its accompanying technologies are old news. We are reading more stories about the newest cloud advancements and adoptions every day, and creating an actual hype revolution. But, how all these technologies develop and become quickly applied across systems, businesses and IT can affect everyone in very profound ways, in spite of their business or where they live.

We all know the kind of impact of startups that were born on the cloud like Facebook and Instagram have had in the social scene. Now, the focus is now on the cloud for businesses and the reinvention of IT business.

Cloud Computing

Until now, the cloud’s role in business has been largely associated with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). However, cloud computing is an ideal shift. Infrastructure is only the permitting foundation. The cloud now affects all areas of business and IT.

The new model of cloud computing brings more innovative capabilities, highly developed business models and economies to apply and forge value. The cloud has had a profound impact on the existing businesses and IT, including:

The procedure, techniques, tools and underlying technologies

The way the software is designed, built, and then integrated, deployed and the managed

The commercials, statements of work and project management

The skill sets that are required for product and service strategy, delivery, marketing, selling and support

IT Environment

Now, a lot of the traditional businesses suffer from a fragmented and duplicated business and IT environment. The environments are slow, risky to change and very costly. They can pose critical threats in an ever-changing and fast moving world. Especially as some competitors are quickly migrating to the cloud.

For comparison, think of a cloud startup business, with billions of dollars in the bank and hundreds of millions of customers that are globally connected and modern development, payment systems and distribution.

Then, you add a banking license. This is an example of what is happening across the world. Business models are being reimagined by cloud computing.

This cloud computing era is where the internet, people and smart machines can be arranged, interconnected, composed as a service in real time. This is an era where the business models and processes, applications, cloud services and other integrations that can rapidly and steadily composed. This leverages the basic advantages of cloud computing like low cost and more speed.

Now try to imagine a world where business and IT functions are required to be a composition of other functions, ones that are provided and consumed as a pick-and-choose cloud service. Well, this is real and not your imagination. The cloud provides services when you want them, where you want them and you only pay for what you use.

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