Cloud Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

We are a secure cloud-hosting company that understands more and more businesses are leveraging cloud-based infrastructure that is available on-demand to defray costs and gain flexibility. Cloud server hosting provides the ability to add new resources such as capacity, storage, and bandwidth quickly and at substantial savings over existing models.  This quick and secure deployment allows businesses to rapidly adapt to changes in the market and try out a new application without first investing in hardware, software, and networking.

Rapid Elasticity and Scalability: Cloud computing can be scaled down as well as up to accommodate your needs. This inherent flexibility and the savings that result from it makes cloud server hosting very attractive to the end user.

On-demand Provisioning and Automatic Deprovisioning: The customer can request an amount of computing, storage, and software from the service provider. After these resources are consumed, they can be automatically deprovisioned.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Cloud computing has standardized APIs that provide seamless communication between two applications or data sources, such as CRM and financial management systems, without the need of custom programming.

Pay-As-You-Go Model: The usage of computing power, storage, and bandwidth is metered and billed accordingly.

Load Balancing: Cloud server hosting is provided on multiple connected servers to give uninterrupted connectivity in the case of one server failure or a huge spike in traffic. For more information about Cloud Hosting check out our FAQs.

Cloud Server Hosting

$99 per month, 50GB HD space, 1GB RAM, Windows 2008 or Linux Centos, 64 bit or 32 bit.  One-time setup fee of $199 (waived through the end of this month!). 100% 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Need more space? Add space in 10GB blocks for $49/mo.
  • Need more RAM? Add 1GB blocks for $29/mo each (max 4GB).
  • Need backup space? Add automated backups plus 10GB space for $29/mo. Additional backup space: $49/mo for first 20GB and $29/mo for each additional 10GB. Weekly and daily backups, last 2 weeks preserved.
  • Need Microsoft SQL, Exchange or other software? Contact us and we can provide it.
  • Need a Firewall? $29/mo for external managed firewall.
  • Need PCI or FISMA or other compliance? Contact us for secure, documented compliance add-on packages.

To learn more about FISMA compliance visit their Cloud Computing page.