Cloud Server Migration Has to Be Run Right – Are You Doing it Right?

The process of cloud server migration is a necessary consideration that must be done appropriately to ensure that a business can get its server moved to a cloud format without any disruption in service. The cloud format makes it easier for the users to get the data they need efficiently while using many different devices.

network-197299_960_720Cloud Server Migration Preparation Policy

The preparation policy that a business develops must be followed appropriately to ensure that there are no problems associated with moving the server.

1. The logs that are to be used should be reviewed and adjusted by rotating the logs with a program like log rotate to make it fully functional.

2. Old archived files, cache files and outdated entries have to be removed to make it easier for items to be moved without taking much time in doing so.

3. It’s also important to look for large files at a given time to ensure that they can be removed if necessary.

Cloud Server Migration Steps

Many steps have to be used in the migration process after the preparation process is complete.

1. Set up cloud servers with a particular server provider of your choice.
2. Set up the firewall rules for the cloud server so your servers will interact with each other.
3. Use a load balancer during the migration process. This is to get the workloads arranged appropriately for a faster response time to make it easier for the migration process to work out correctly.
4. Check with your cloud server provider to see if your new load balancer is working well with keeping your online traffic flowing correctly.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix Protocol Must Work

There is also a need to check on the responsibility assignment matrix protocol during the migration process. This is used to clarify all the roles and rules needed for all cross-functional processes in the migration system.

This works with a specific matrix protocol to make it functional

• The Responsible aspect of the protocol is used to review what parties or programs are responsible for handling different functions.
• The Accountable part of the matrix will review the person who is responsible for granting the authority for certain programs or functions to engage in certain activities.
• The Counsel or Consulted party will give out communication as to what needs to be done to make the migration process work out right.
• The Informed point is the final part of the protocol. This entails one-way communication between the party that is completing a task and is used to allow the client asking for a migration service to be informed about what is happening.

Careful upfront planning and detailed communication and coordination will help to ensure that the migration of the server to the cloud format will transition smoothly and flawlessly.

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