Cloud Services Are Changing The IT Market

A new change is taking place in the IT landscape, especially in the system integration area. A lot of enterprises are moving their business processes and applications to the cloud and this is starting to change the way we are all using technology.

cloud services

In the past year, cloud services have made it possible for small to medium size businesses to adopt IT applications and resources that were usually way too expensive for them.

All over the country small to medium size businesses (SMB) are starting to need IT support and outsourcing at an increasing pace. Instead of having to purchase costly solutions, SMBs are turning to SaaS (software at a service) models because they are more streamlined and optimized for their business processes.

What Is Driving Cloud Adoptions

Cost is the reason that IT outsourcing and cloud adoptions has been on the rise. Many factors have affected growth, like incentives, changes in government policies, and the lack of skilled in-house talent.

The Rise Of The Cloud Service Broker (CSB)

The role of Value Added Resellers (VAR) and system integrators are changing fast. Now SMBs can purchase IT resources from many different cloud service providers for numerous different applications. In this new environment, these systems integrators have become the new cloud service brokers (CSB).

CSB models have now come out as a middle layer between the cloud provider and the buyer to help customers with their transition to the cloud. A CSB is someone who can offer appliances, software and platforms that will enhance the services that are available through the cloud.

The three major roles for CSBs are aggregation, customization and integration. A CSB as an aggregator is someone who will pull together many cloud services and will provide them to the end customers. The integration role for a CSB is to link a customer’s cloud services and on-premises systems. The CSBs customization role will involve the adjusting of cloud solutions to meet the customer’s business needs.

Key Challenges of Cloud Brokers

One big change from customized solutions to subscription based models that are available today means that CSBs will not earn a project fee but instead a service fee that will be paid over a 12 month period.

There have been a lot of changes to the IT market in recent years and there is likely to be more changes to come in the next few years as more and more companies make the move to the cloud.

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