What Is Coming to the World of Cloud Security?

The 2014 calendar year has just started and people are already thinking ahead about what the world of cloud security is going to bring us. It is an essential part of running a cloud setup that anyone could consider but today’s security industry will consist of many important trends.

cloud security

What Is Driving the Cloud Security Trend

The biggest driver comes from the revelation of security agencies using different programs and legal measures to analyze data from different parties without permission. If there is one thing that the Edward Snowden case has taught us, it’s that there is a real need to take a look at security as it is easy for outside entities to spy on others without much effort.

Enterprise Level Security is Being Used

Advanced enterprise-level security programs that are being used by much larger organizations are being applied today for many businesses that need a bit of extra control over their data flow and utilization. This can particularly be evidenced in the use of dedicated servers or private cloud setups with virtual servers to enhance the overall security features that various businesses may use. This is to create a more detailed sense of control over a business’s cloud network and its environment.

New Firewalls are Coming

The development of new firewalls is a trend worth taking a closer look at. New firewalls are being developed with many new platforms coming out. These include such platforms as the Cisco, Fortinet Inc. and Checkpoint platforms. These should possibly make it a little easier for more protective measures to be used when securing data.

Data Collaboration is a Big Deal

Data collaboration is a part of cloud security that is expected to be critical to its future development as time marches on. Compliance for security standards will be the key to future successes. This can be evidenced by the Citrix ShareFile program to help process protected files in a cloud setting. This may make it easier for files to be sent securely between people on the same cloud setting, thus improving the potential for different reviews and setups to be made with the utmost care.

These are major trends for sure with regards to security as we go along in the year 2014. Cloud security is a necessary consideration today thanks to the recent revelations in the news and the advances in technology.

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