Control Panels – A Valuable Tool for Managed Servers

Extending Server Functionality

You might be impressed at some of the control panel programs that you could add to your managed server. A control panel will give you access to several controls and features that go into your server. You can even use it to analyze what’s happening in your server at a specific time.

A control panel will include controls that relate to how much data can go through your server at a certain time. You can use this to analyze what’s going into your server and how your server is being operated. This includes checking on which connections are going right and what’s bogging down your system. These have to be analyzed appropriately in accordance to what you might prefer out of it.

Managed Servers

Improve Server Security

You can also use a firewall program in your control panel. You can adjust it to not only turn it on or off but to also control the specifics over what can go in and out of it. This includes figuring out whether or not certain pieces of data should be added in there as needed.

Server Backup Control

A backup feature may be included in your control panel. It lets you tell the server when it should be backed up. You can even use this to tell your server to back its data up right away. The controls you have to use for this system can include everything you might want to use to keep the data protected.

A few third party modules may be added to your control panel. These include modules for spam protection, data allocation and even controlling which IP addresses should be blocked from your server.

Manage Your Server Remotely

Finally, a control panel may include mobile support. This means that you could control your managed server from anywhere. This might be necessary if you have a large panel that needs to be adjusted on the fly from a distance.

Every managed server provider will use its own particular panel program. It might be a Windows-based program like WebsitePanel. It could also be a program that can run on the Windows and Linux systems like Webmin or Virtualmin.

Control panels are useful for managed servers when they come with all the right features. You should check with your managed server provider to see which specific panel it uses. If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our services, contact Localweb today!