Colocation Hosting

Colocation Server Hosting

At we offer a full range of managed web colocation hosting solutions to help businesses stay ahead and manage their mission critical applications effectively.

Understanding Managed Colocation

Looking to house your server in a top-notch data center without worrying about server security and administration issues?

A Colocation Server is a cost-effective hosting solution for businesses that have purchased their own web servers but don’t have the resources such as a Class A Data Center, qualified support engineers, and time to manage them effectively.

Managed, colocation hosting at provides the following advantages:

Switched Network

Our network is 100% switched rather than routed. With a hub, packet loss is more likely.

Your benefit: Your server will be more reliable, secure and faster.

Multiple Direct Connections to Internet Backbone

Our data center maintains direct 0C3 & OC 12 connections to the Internet Backbone. Your server will be positioned to utilize these OC3 (155 MBPS) and OC12 (622 MBPS) links for redundant access to the internet through three major backbone providers: Qwest, Sprint and UUNET.

Your benefit: Your server will have optimal bandwidth and redundancy.

Colocation: Load Balancing

Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP4): This balances load amongst different carriers and enables the load to be switched seamlessly and instantly. The Colocation Service traffic can be rerouted if the network experiences a backlog or if a provider’s network goes down.

Your benefit: Your server will function as normal even in the case of backlog.

Prime Location

Our corporate offices and data center are strategically located in Research Triangle Park (Raleigh-Durham, NC, USA). This is considered the technology hub of America. Brain Bench survey ranked Raleigh Durham number 3 for IT IQ among all U.S. cities.

Your benefit: Your server will be placed in an optimal environment

Colocation: Server Space

Environmentally controlled rack space includes: Climate-controlled computer room with diesel generator backup. 110 or 220 VAC Power, UPS, and diesel generator backup. Fire sprinkler system, Halon with water backup, raised floors, and secured 19″ enclosed (front and rear) equipment cabinets.

Your benefit: Your server will be placed in a first class environment (Class A data center).

Maximum Server Protection

Our server protection includes 7/24/365 on-site security patrol, access restrictions to all parts of the facility, and closed circuit monitoring.

Your benefit: Your server will be protected.

High-End Tech Support

Our colocation server hosting technical support team of highly trained staff can handle all dedicated server issues from mundane task, such as tape backup and rotation, to highly complex tasks, such as system crisis. Tech support is available via a toll free number or via e-mail 24/7/365.

Your benefit: You will have peace of mind and be free to focus on building your business empire.