Enterprises Will Not Have To Choose Between The Private and Public Cloud

A lot of the thinking around processing and data storage defines enterprise data as a similar mass. The true reality is very different. Data is very much individualized across many axes: from a low to high volume, from business crucial to probably useful, from highly sensitive to publishable and from time sensitive to archival. A one-size-fits-all solution can be adequate enough to accommodate the model of potential species of data and the meaning to a particular business.

private and public cloud

Discussing The Private and Public Cloud

The discussion surrounding the private and public cloud is largely false or at least the main focus is misaligned. It is not a matter of which kind of cloud is the best, but which one is the best for a specific subset of a company’s requirements given their practical needs and the diversity of the data involved. Vendors that are not adequately prepared to correctly store and process data across the full spectrum are artificially inhibiting the potential benefits that could bring them clients.

But, on the other hand, vendors could offer cloud platforms that are closely tailored to the specific needs of their clients. These vendors are able to help businesses be able to leverage the many benefits of the public cloud infrastructure, with its more flexible provisioning, on-demand pricing and scalable deployment. The public cloud will bring operational efficiencies that businesses cannot ignore and if it is properly managed is extremely secure.

Private and Public Cloud Control

But, the public cloud does not appeal to everyone’s infrastructure that is totally under the control of one organization. Instead of giving up on the benefits of cloud technology and virtualization to return to the legacy infrastructure and software, these cases are perfect for a dedicated private cloud deployment that will provide many of the benefits of the public cloud while still maintaining a clean environment for your company’s data.

As we mentioned before, businesses should not have to choose between a private and public cloud. Businesses should be able to deploy both private and public cloud environments, because each should be under control of IT.

This debate over about whether the cloud is the next best thing is over and its benefits are convincing. Now enterprises should be asking: “How can the cloud are formed to provide the solutions that will match my operational needs.”

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