Forecasting The Cloud

The era of the cloud and cloud computing is here. The cloud is real and the only questions left to answer are which cloud type and which cloud provider.

Some companies are still having problems deciding on how best to proceed with moving their data to the cloud. There are no two companies’ that will have the same cloud journey because no two businesses are alike.

The Cloud And Infrastructure

Some companies will opt to start moving to the cloud with storage and then move on to business apps. Some other companies might experiment with some sort of new platforms first before moving their existing infrastructure. Yet a few companies out there will move everything all at once. They have an all or none approach. Every company will find the cloud that is right for them.

The future of productivity for every device and every person in a mobile-first cloud-first world is here now. There are numerous ways people and businesses alike can tap into the cloud world’s almost unlimited potential. What lies ahead in the cloud can be amazing.

Empowering IT to be able to say yes continues to be a mission that those who are already part of the cloud enjoy taking on. There are now many products and services that helps to break down the barriers to the cloud so that those IT groups are able to let go and have more freedom and more capability to move the data to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

One important concept that should be considered is the Hybrid Cloud. The hybrid cloud has the ability to blend seamlessly with in-house and in-cloud computing resources to allow more flexibility, less redundancy, more stability and scalability for nearly all workloads. The trick is to be able to make the distinction between where the resources disappear and then letting the circumstances and occasion to dictate how the resources will be distributed between the environments.

Just imagine if you are able to instantly tap into the power that is stored in all the batteries in your house regardless of what devices they are in. This is the kind of cloud advances that are now available for companies that are ready to move to the cloud.

As expected, one main concern that some people are having is when they think about the cloud in an enterprise context is the security. A lot of businesses that have moved to the cloud have already adopted a proven set of technologies, methodologies and best practices when it comes down to backups, encryption of sensitive corporate data and protection. The cloud’s ever-present access and cross-platform portability makes it even more critical that the IT department thinks completely about how to protect investments while still empowering the users.

Can you imagine a world where the cloud-based assets can be more secure, tough and yet safer than the in-house predecessors.

Customers, like you, are already excited about the new Office 365 services that are coming to even more mobile devices and platforms. A lot of people definitely love the idea of being able to work wherever they want, at any time on any screen that fits into their daily lives. We also know that IT loves to be able to say yes to that request. The solution to being able to create some sort of common ground between the longing for freedom and the need for peace of mind is a new generation of management tools that are designed for that purpose.

In conclusion, we know that it in the cloud it is always the developers that make any new computing environment truly sing. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver many of the capabilities that the customers need right out of the box. The developers will do critical work extending and also enhancing the products while adapting them to your unique requirements.

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