As you may be aware, ARIN has announced that IPv4 space is now completely depleted. New allocation requests for IPv4 space are now going on a “Waiting List” to be fulfilled if and when existing IPv4 space is returned to ARIN and becomes available.

Why Wait?

get6-callout-bgWhy wait when you can quickly enable IPv6 for your Internet facing systems? IPv6 is the globally accepted standard for Internet addresses, and has been for several years.

ADTI has been servicing IPv6 since 2011. On June 6, 2012, ARIN launched “World IPv6 Day”, and ADTI was one of the first organizations to proudly display our “IPv6” button, awarded to organizations that were live with IPv6 on that day.

Find out how ADTI can help you enable IPv6 on your web sites or public facing servers for as little as $29 per month, and with little or no reconfiguration on your side! And IPv6 is provided free with all our Dedicated, Managed and Cloud hosting services.

ADTI’s IPv6 is 100% native IPv6. ADTI will allocate native IPv6 addresses to you out of ADTI’s own IPv6 allocation from ARIN.

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Contact us at or call our IPv6 Specialist Team at +1(919)544-4101 ext. 101. Speak with Mike Salim and be live with IPv6 within two days!