Hosted Cloud Servers: Benefits & Considerations

A lot of businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost and to improve operations. Hosted Cloud Servers are a suitable alternative to buying a new server and storage hardware. Below are some important benefits to consider when reviewing a hosted infrastructure platform.

hosted cloud servers

Pricing of Hosted Cloud Servers

Most hosted cloud servers and services have no large upfront Capital Expenditure costs required. Instead, these fees have been replace with a fixed monthly Operational Cost and are set up for 24-36 month plans. This service fee will include any tailored server resources like CPU, Ram or Storage. Other fees can include software licensing updates, maintenance and support. Your company can also benefit from not having to pay the power, cooling and insurance cost of having your own infrastructure.

Flexibility & Scalability of Hosted Cloud Servers

The flexibility and scalability of a hosted cloud server is probably the foremost reason behind this kind of cloud server adoption. The days where you had to buy a server that had spare capacity for your company’s to grow into are long gone. With this kind of cloud server, you only have to select and pay for the resources that you will use today. So, when your business grows, you can easily scale up your infrastructure by adding resources that you need.

Data & Infrastructure of Hosted Cloud Servers

Consider the following tips before you sign up with the lowest priced provider:

1) Where will your data actually be stored?

2) How established is the provider you are considering?

Professional Support of Hosted Cloud Servers

While cloud solutions are by nature out of sight, they should not be out of mind. It is very important to make sure that your mission critical server infrastructure is totally supported by a team of certified cloud server professionals. It can be very easy for some cloud service providers to somewhat exaggerate their resource abilities. It is really work finding out their partner certifications, where their support teams are stationed and what is the level of business support being provided.

Connectivity of Hosted Cloud Servers

For a hosted virtual infrastructure to be effective, it may require a high speed symmetrical internet connection service. Not all locations have good access to these types of services or at a competitive rate. So, before you choose to migrate to the cloud, it is important to properly evaluate your internet connectivity options. The cost of upgrading to a high speed symmetrical internet service may be offset by the reduction of the upfront capital expenditure costs.

Redundancy of Hosted Cloud Servers

Hosted Cloud Servers are able to be setup to provide a high level of server availability and
redundancy. The features like dynamic load balancing, geo redundancy and data replication can protect your server resources from having a single point failure. A Hosted Virtual Infrastructure can also protect your server resources from a disaster like fires and floods.

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