Immigration Policies For Safe Cloud Migration

The term “migration” is usually used when talking about animals, birds and even people that move out of one place and into another. Migration is a close cousin to immigration and this is a term that is explicitly used when you reference people moving from one location to another location.

Both of these terms are almost the same except that one term is driven and guided by laws of nature and the other term is one that is defined by the frameworks and policies that are built by people and countries. As for the cloud migration strategies and policies, we might be more correct referring to the migration strategies as immigration policies for the cloud.

One consequence of the relentless IT revolution is that the cloud computing migration is on its way to proving itself as the de-facto platform by which cloud migration providers build and host applications. The reason for this rating includes efficiency and cost effectiveness. Some companies are beginning to adopt the cloud as the standard production platform and then they continue to become more acquainted with the cloud.

Other companies are making more steady progress in their corporate decisions to move their entire data to the cloud from any on-premise storage. As with many adoption life cycles, companies are now starting to switch to other cloud providers as they are continuing to become more aware of the imperfections and incompatibilities with technologies that are supporting the cloud.

Cloud Migration Strategies

The call to be able to move data from a cloud-to-cloud migration or from a premise-to-cloud migration is growing. The industry as a whole recognizes the need to introduce the frameworks and policies that is very much like the immigration rules for effective cloud migration.

Although this is still an ongoing and an always evolving process, cloud migration providers such as Racemi or VisionSolutions, and many others will offer several of the best practices and strategies for cloud migration. Since each of these cloud migration providers may be using very different techniques, it is very important for companies to be careful in choosing their cloud migration provider in order to get their best results.

Some important objectives to keep in mind, at least from a higher level, to expedite successful cloud migrations are:

Certify your cloud provider

Understand the cloud providers offerings completely

Conduct a proof of concept

Assess the suitability of the technology for your workload

Always examine the data center locations, their network speeds, storage and compute options, the bandwidth, any technical support, the managed services, SLAs, security, and compliance. Remember to review the following strategies.

Consider the financial outlay and ROI

Check on the support and compatibility for the applications and operating systems

Check on the ability to move the virtual servers to a physical servers and vice-versa, on premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud

Have a strategy for ease of migration

Have a strategy for the security of your data during migration

Cloud computing migration

Many companies have successfully migrated from other cloud providers like IBM Smart Cloud (SCE), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Rackspace. You must continue to research some of the cloud immigration policies for any changes. In the meantime, if your cloud migration provider will be able to help you with simple, secure and reliable methods for cloud migration.

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