How K-12 Schools Can Take Advantage of Cloud Computing Today

Businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from cloud computing technology. K-12 schools are also able to benefit from this amazing form of technology.

cloud computing

Schools can benefit from cloud computing by making it easier for them to back up their data and to store it in a secure online space. It’s also easier for the people in schools to collaborate with one another.

K-12 Schools and Collaborative Services

One of the best services in technology for K-12 schools to use involves collaboration. This entails a school being able to use, edit and work on documents in many places at the same time. Many people can get on a cloud server and edit a file as needed.

This is beneficial as it makes it easier for people to manage their documents with care and to take care of all the things they want to do. However, it can also result in some issues relating to who gets access to files. Sometimes people may receive unauthorized access to certain files. File ownership is another issue in a shared environment.

K-12 Schools and Assignment Controls

Schools can use the cloud setup to post items onto a singular website or other database that can be accessible from any computer. This makes it easier for a school to post assignments, messages and other pieces of data onto a network for all to see and use.

This is advantageous as it makes it easier for different events and reports to be posted. However, the problem is that if the cloud server goes down then no one can possibly access the data. In addition, not all students have access to online services, thus making this a potential challenge in some areas.

K-12 Schools Working With Many File Types

One advantage of cloud computing is that it may incorporate a large variety of different file types. These include video and audio files alike. This could make it easier for students to receive more options for their educational needs and to learn at their own pace. However, it may also involve issues over how much space is to be taken up on a cloud server. There needs to be plenty of checks on a server to ensure that there’s space for all to use. And working with many different file types can increase the server storage space, application, and compatibility issues.

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