Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing Forget Worrying About SpaceThe greatest benefit of cloud computing is that once it’s been set up, you no longer need to worry about space. All the physical machinery is on the server end. All you will need is a speedy internet connection and a basic...Read More »

How to Choose the Right Capacity for Your Managed Server

Choosing the Right Managed Server Based on Disk Space You’d be amazed at how much data managed servers can handle. Today’s managed servers can handle hundreds of gigabytes of data at a time. Some can handle one thousand gigabytes, a measurement that is also known as a terabyte. However, you have to...Read More »

Bandwidth and Your Managed Server

How Much Server Bandwidth do I Need? Have you taken a look at the bandwidth numbers that come with managed server listings? Bandwidth is a huge point of managed servers that you must take a closer look at when finding ways to get your hosting needs maintained well enough. Bandwidth is a...Read More »

Control Panels - A Valuable Tool for Managed Servers

Extending Server Functionality You might be impressed at some of the control panel programs that you could add to your managed server. A control panel will give you access to several controls and features that go into your server. You can even use it to analyze what’s happening in your server...Read More »

Hybrid Cloud: The Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery or DR is basically an insurance policy that is mandatory. But, it is also a curiously wasteful way to consume your company’s limited IT budget. Disaster Recovery Strategy Do not think of disaster recovery as wasted money. Since, if a disaster should really happen, you will be very happy that...Read More »

The Future of Cloud Services and IaaS

We are always looking ahead. That is why we have two eyes that give us the ability to look forward and see what is in front of us. This is very useful in an environment that will change so quickly and the fine line between the present and future is...Read More »

What Is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Why Is It Necessary

A Tech Target IT study was conducted late in 2013 and it found that 44% of the IT techs made most of the decisions for their companies in regards to system backups might look at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) this year. A new Forrester survey of 943 businesses that use SaaS applications...Read More »

New Market Created for More Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Options

Backing up your information to a cloud is one way of safeguarding your data, but backing up the data that you already have in the cloud is something altogether different. As cloud backup services gain in acceptance, so does the need for data protection as it become a big concern...Read More »

Hybrid Cloud Computing Explained

Hybrid cloud computing is basically a cloud computing environment where a business will provide and manage of some resources both in-house and externally. For instance, a group could use a public cloud service, like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for any old archived information but then continue to use...Read More »

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a basic term for something that includes delivering a hosted service over the Internet. These internet services are generally separated into three main categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). So, the term cloud computing was started by the cloud symbol that is frequently used to...Read More »

What Is Image Based Backup?

Image based backup is a method for a virtual machine (VM) or computer to create a duplicate of an operating system (OS) and all the information connected with it, plus the system state and any operation configurations. This backup is now saved as a one file that is labeled as...Read More »

BYOD Works for Cloud Computing

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is an arrangement where you and your employees can bring their own electronic devices to a workplace and then be able to use them to access certain applications and portions of data that the workplace can hold onto. This concept works with a cloud...Read More »

Cloud Server Migration Has to Be Run Right - Are You Doing it Right?

The process of cloud server migration is a necessary consideration that must be done appropriately to ensure that a business can get its server moved to a cloud format without any disruption in service. The cloud format makes it easier for the users to get the data they need efficiently...Read More »

Microsoft Exchange for Email

Microsoft Exchange for email services for the entire faculty and staff at school is becoming a necessary service. This software will enable seamless communication among the faculty, staff as well as the students. This email package will provide the school faculty and staff with the ability to check their emails,...Read More »

SaaS-Based Project Management and How It All Runs

Software as a Service, or SaaS, project management programs may be useful for all sorts of businesses. This is where software and the data that comes with it can be accessed through a cloud network. It’s ideal for businesses that need assistance with managing different projects but it also has...Read More »

What Is Coming to the World of Cloud Security?

The 2014 calendar year has just started and people are already thinking ahead about what the world of cloud security is going to bring us. It is an essential part of running a cloud setup that anyone could consider but today’s security industry will consist of many important trends. What Is...Read More »

How K-12 Schools Can Take Advantage of Cloud Computing Today

Businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from cloud computing technology. K-12 schools are also able to benefit from this amazing form of technology. Schools can benefit from cloud computing by making it easier for them to back up their data and to store it in a secure online...Read More »

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud: What Is Right For You?

There are three different kinds of cloud networking setups that you may use for business purposes. A Public Cloud, a Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud are your options. You will have to analyze each option to figure out what might be appropriate for the needs that your business may...Read More »

Risks in Cyberspace Business

You need to be aware of the risks that are associated with doing business online. You should be very careful when you are getting your business actions covered online because the risks in doing business in cyberspace are way too real to ignore. Your entire business can lose money, credibility...Read More »

What Are PCI DSS Controls?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is used as a general form of security used for online transactions where cards are to be used. These include credit and debit cards among many others. People are using these cards at record rates when online and as a result there is...Read More »

What is Cloud Compliant Hosting?

Cloud compliant hosting is a service that utilizes a special system to keep all the data in a workplace under control. This system is made to be used for the benefit of commercial entities and the government sector alike. It works with an easy to understand process while also utilizing...Read More »

What is FISMA Audited Hosting?

FISMA audited hosting is a unique type of cloud hosting procedure that must to be used correctly in order to give each business or governmental body the support it requires to keep all of its data online. This type of hosting is backed by the Federal Information Security Management Act...Read More »

A Big Blue Cloud is Coming

One of the weirdest ideas about the ‘cloud’ is that it is becoming increasingly hard to know what is behind every curtain. Before IBM acquired the IaaS provider SoftLayer in June of last year, we were hard-pressed to conclude exactly what kind of IaaS Big Blue had to offer. The...Read More »

Common Cloud Gotchas: Cloud Security Problems to Avoid

Cloud computing security can be a mystery. The main idea of using a public cloud is to contract out certain foundations and application to other third party providers. So, how can you keep your data secure when it leaves your boundaries and your control? But wait, as confusing as it...Read More »

The Cloud Enables Global Businesses to Reach Global Customers

There are four key aspects to understanding cloud computing: scalability, leverage, speed, and reach. The one area out of the four key aspects that has been underdeveloped until recently was the idea of using the cloud for global businesses to access global customers. That concept is called Global Reach. As you...Read More »

Cloud Services Market Drives Cloud Automation Growth

Some tech magazines might have you believe that most companies are now computing, networking, and storing data in the cloud. But accepting the new cloud computing technology is still at its early stage. Companies are still vying for a piece of the fast growing market. This explosion of cloud services is...Read More »

Think Strategy When Choosing A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You have to have been in a cave to have missed the data control that is developing as a defining technological issue of our time. Current news is brimming with conversation about the price of data protection. Data Control There have been breaches that we have all heard about, but there is...Read More »

Think Strategy When Picking A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You would have had to be living under a rock to miss out on the fact that data control is developing as a more defined topic of our time. Recent talks have been heard about the value of data protection. We have all heard about the breaches, but there is...Read More »

Cloud Computing Enabling The Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is true that cloud services have helped to level the playing field for a lot of small to medium size businesses. It is hard to pin down only one factor that makes cloud computing a game changer for businesses of any size. Maybe the major benefit rests in the...Read More »

Advantages of Cloud Computing in Education

Right now there is a lot of buzz about cloud computing. In fact, some believe that within a year, cloud computing will be used in K-12 schools and that it will consume almost 25% of their yearly budgets. But, do you know what cloud computing really is and why are...Read More »

Cloud Computing Powers The Future Of Business

Since the conception of Cloud computing and its accompanying technologies are old news. We are reading more stories about the newest cloud advancements and adoptions every day, and creating an actual hype revolution. But, how all these technologies develop and become quickly applied across systems, businesses and IT can affect...Read More »

What Cloud Computing Really Means

Cloud computing is the latest fad. There is only one problem, it seems everyone has a different definition for what cloud computing really is. The cloud is basically a metaphor for the internet. But, when you combine the cloud with “computing”, that meaning becomes a lot harder to define. Some critics...Read More »

4 Reasons To Migrate To The Cloud

Are you thinking of moving to the cloud? A lot of small business owners are beginning to realize the benefits of handling the essential processes, like storing data and maintain the needed hardware to do so. SaaS (software-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) are solutions that may be the ticket to allow you to...Read More »

What Is High Performance Computing?

If you are new to all this computing, you might have a real basic question: “What is high performance computing (HPC) anyway?” Below is the answer to that question. HPC or High Performance Computing High Performance Computing or HPC is what is referred to as the practice of collecting computing power in...Read More »

The Evolving State of Cloud Security

As cloud computing continues to grow and flourish so does the concerns of many CIOs about the cloud. Some predict that by 2016 cloud computing will have grown and increased to become what IT spends the most on. One top concern is about moving to the cloud and security. Since...Read More »

We Handle You With Care When You Are In The Cloud

Anything you own of value you keep in a safe or under your mattress. But have you ever thought of locking up your critical data? The cloud makes locking up your data safe and easy to get to get to when you need it. Most networking sites these days will enable...Read More »

Steps To Choosing Faster Cloud Hosting

Speed counts when you are need a faster website. A faster website will assure you get a better user experience, lower rates, and higher conversion rates. If you stream media, or use VOIP or real time data, it is possible that speed is very urgent to your success. How can...Read More »

Is There Space For Integration In The Cloud?

Lately, you have had a lot of benefits available to you for using the cloud structures. You likely have seen new concepts and solutions that numerous companies are providing to you at the same time. You also have to take into consideration the layers that already exist like IaaS (infrastructure...Read More »

Immigration Policies For Safe Cloud Migration

The term “migration” is usually used when talking about animals, birds and even people that move out of one place and into another. Migration is a close cousin to immigration and this is a term that is explicitly used when you reference people moving from one location to another location. Both...Read More »

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services are able to provide hosting for websites on a virtual server which will pull their computing resources from a vast underlying network of physical web servers. This then follows the service model of computing in that it will be available as a service instead of as a...Read More »

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