Cloud Backup – What is it?

Cloud backup, which is also called online backup, is a method of backing up your data. This cloud backup includes sending a copy of the information over a public or proprietary network to a server that is off site. The server is typically hosted by a third party provider, who...Read More »

Cloud Storage and Cost Reduction

In the cloud storage business, we seem to talk a lot about “price wars.” So about every 6 months, a major cloud storage provider will lower their prices, and then everyone else will follow suit. Well, the game is over. If you have not heard, Google has dropped its cost to...Read More »

How To Increase Your Cloud Footprint

The sometimes exciting leap to the cloud can also be a very intimidating proposition. For an enterprise that has all their systems deeply entrenched in the usual infrastructures like the old back office and computer rooms and large data centers, this move to the cloud and cloud applications can be...Read More »

Seeing Into The Cloud

Cyber attacks have changed a lot over the past few years. Just fifteen years ago, attacks were all about penetrating the network, but today more educated attackers have become concerned about being discovered. Just like good bank robbers would be concerned about robbing a bank; a great bank robber has...Read More »

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

There are many different components that differ when it comes down to cloud computing solutions and their infrastructures, and a lot also depends on the provider. We are still able to outline a few of the basic similarities. In many of the cases, cloud computing will rely on the following cloud...Read More »

IT Pros Ask Cloud Vendors the Right Questions

Decay is something that affects all parts of life. It even affects parts of the digital realm like digital bits and bytes. When it comes to the data in your company, that decay can endanger the enormous amount of critical information that IT departments are more than ever trusting to...Read More »

Hybrid Cloud: The Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery or DR is simply an insurance policy for all intensive purposes. And it is also a terribly inefficient way to spend a company’s limited IT budget. Having a disaster recovery insurance policy is not wasting money; it is after all a policy that might save your business should a...Read More »

The Truth Concerning Cloud Computing Safety

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses across the world operates and most agree it is for the better. A lot of companies are hurrying to become involved in this highly profitable and cost effective business environment. But, before you jump, you should ask a few questions about how safe...Read More »

Cloud Computing: Why It Can Help Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is crucial to any business. It can be even more important for small and medium size businesses that need immediate cash flow. Being able to get a loan to finance an extra computer server and extra office space to house them is something that is hard to come...Read More »

Cloud Services Are Changing The IT Market

A new change is taking place in the IT landscape, especially in the system integration area. A lot of enterprises are moving their business processes and applications to the cloud and this is starting to change the way we are all using technology. In the past year, cloud services have made...Read More »

5 Cloud Hosting Questions That Will Save You Money

Whether you are a CEO of a million dollar company, an entrepreneur or a store owner, money drives your decisions. Without money, your business would not be able to function. If you walk into a store and choose a jacket to purchase, the next thing you do is to check the...Read More »

How Cloud Computing Will Help Businesses

Technology and cloud computing has opened up huge potential and an increased speed of scaling a business. There are a lot of examples of companies that have scaled up into multi-million dollar businesses in a short time. But, what are some of the main fundamentals for scaling that will turn...Read More »

Enterprises Will Not Have To Choose Between The Private and Public Cloud

A lot of the thinking around processing and data storage defines enterprise data as a similar mass. The true reality is very different. Data is very much individualized across many axes: from a low to high volume, from business crucial to probably useful, from highly sensitive to publishable and from...Read More »

3 Ways Cloud Computing Keeps Your Data Safe

Only a few things are more important for most businesses than preserving their data resources. Today’s management groups are better information and more dependent than ever before. The loss of sensitive company data can considerably undermine daily operations in every way. It is crucial for these firms’ executives to identify...Read More »

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Small Business Cloud Services?

Cloud services are an important tool for small businesses. They allow small businesses to stay lean and to adapt very quickly in an economic climate that is dependent on the speed and agility of the cloud services. SMBs are in a constant state of change, especially as they are transitioning...Read More »

Cloud Storage To Cloud Collaboration

Companies have started porting data archive, backup and recovery and other office functions to the cloud and are oily taking their first very tentative steps in what is likely to prove to be a complete makeover of the data environment as it is know today. Even now, a lot of...Read More »

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Moving To The Cloud

Building a relationship with your cloud provider is rapidly becoming one of the most challenging situations of IT these days. While individual businesses and users can create cloud storage and other low-level functions swiftly and easily, a full service enterprise cloud will require an adequate amount of prep work. IT Management Typically,...Read More »

What Is A Cloud Application?

A cloud application or cloud app is basically a web based application program that will function in the cloud, with some of the same characteristics of a true desktop application and some of the same characteristics of a true Web application. A desktop application usually resides only on a single...Read More »

A Service Providers Secret Weapon - Agility

The world today is a tough place for a service provider. Your profit per customer is shrinking and the margins are growing. Other over-the-top service providers say they can deliver services at an alarming rate and systems integrators are also positioning themselves as end-to-end providers of more complex services. This...Read More »

Why Your Business Should Use Cloud Based Backup And Recovery

In the past ten years there has been huge growth in data volumes and there has also been a matching shift in the way some companies deal with their data. Even though cloud based storage technology has become somewhat affordable and has been made better, it has also struggled to...Read More »

A Cloud Computing Warning Label

When properly managed, cloud computing has become an even more powerful business tool. Unmanaged clouds that a lot of vendors are currently selling come with a down side that most companies do not know about. Cloud Computing Warning Labels Below are some warning signs that you should be aware of before you...Read More »

Try To Avoid These 3 Roadblocks On Your Way To The Cloud

Avoiding roadblocks is easy, right? Well, it really is not. You have to remember to think about more than just the technical issues involve with moving your data to the cloud. The change in management, culture, the processes and skill sets all play a huge role in making your move...Read More »

Forecasting The Cloud

The era of the cloud and cloud computing is here. The cloud is real and the only questions left to answer are which cloud type and which cloud provider. Some companies are still having problems deciding on how best to proceed with moving their data to the cloud. There are no...Read More »

The Path To The Cloud

One of the most repeatedly repeated dialogue around cloud computing is about attempting to describe what the cloud really is. Some experts still say the cloud is just virtualization with a few bells and whistles thrown in. Others may claim that it is just a basic automated infrastructure. What Is The...Read More »

Cloud Computing Is Getting Personal

The term “Cloud” seemingly is not enough of a nondescript analogy for the future of cloud computing. Now some are trying to divide up the cloud so they can shed some light on what is a truly confusing technology. Cloud computing is not the only cloud term we have and...Read More »

How to Use Cloud Computing to Your Advantage in Business

Cloud computing is a big business advancement, specifically for your business or a business with numerous offices or employees who work remotely and are not linked by one physical network. So, picking the correct cloud applications and then using them to their fullest capability will help your business stay more...Read More »

Why the Cloud Scares Traditional IT

There are a lot of people that have a background in “traditional IT”. But, now is the time for the cloud computing to become commonplace. Over the last few years, hybrid and public cloud solutions have become a serious topic of discussion. In many cases, there has also been...Read More »

Students Can Use Cloud Computing

Students are on the move. From kids to adults, they are traveling back and forth between their homes and schools and local colleges and universities. They all tend to speak the same language. They work in a group, being organized, preparing papers and homework. But, how will they all organize...Read More »

The Foundation of Cloud Computing

The phrase cloud computing is used all the time these days, but a lot of people are still baffled by what all the commotion is about and what it all means to them. The IT scene is ever changing faster than it has ever changed before. Unless you are the...Read More »

Tips for Increased Cloud ROI

Cloud computing solutions are allowing for rapid deployment, a potential cost savings and the ability to be able to test and run new business models. But, in order to achieve these benefits for your cloud computing customers, the IT departments have to adapt their people, the processes and all the...Read More »

Benefits of Using a Cloud Server

Simply put, the term cloud server basically means virtual server that runs on the cloud computing environment. This is why cloud servers are sometimes called Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS. It is true that all cloud servers can also be called virtual dedicated servers. But the opposite is not always...Read More »

Misunderstanding The Cloud

A common mistake that most people believe as true is that it is inexpensive and not as difficult to provide a service or software product as a pay for use cloud based service over the internet. However, some IT teams frequently underestimate the operational dependencies that it takes to be...Read More »

7 Cloud Security Controls That Every Company Needs

The privacy and security controls in the cloud are likely the biggest concerns for most companies when it comes down to adopting the idea of the cloud and cloud computing. This is probably why some companies have still not made the move to the cloud. But, companies must understand...Read More »

The Big Data Stack And An Infrastructure Layer

It is great to see that most businesses are beginning to unite around the idea of big data stack and to build reference architectures that are scalable for secure big data systems. Dialog has been open and what constitutes the stack is closer to becoming reality. The likelihood of producing repeatable...Read More »

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Like it or not, the cloud, cloud computing, SaaS, etc, are terms that we have been hearing in the business and computer world for some time now. This is good, because the benefits of the cloud and cloud computing are virtually endless. Cloud Computing and CIOs The reason this is the case...Read More »

Security Is Virtually Different With Cloud Computing

Security is very important in cloud computing. It really is very different in regards to general applications and data security that is stored on private networks. Security in cloud computing is most likely different from that of a private network and likely one of the major reasons is because of...Read More »

Cloud Website Hosting Benefits

Cloud website hosting is not considered to be a futuristic technology anymore. Cloud website hosting is now a serious substitute to the conventional servers and it is turning out to be a truly cost effective storage solution. Cloud website hosting is flexible, reliable, yet scalable at the same time. Cloud Website...Read More »

Who Will BackUp The Backups?

There is nothing that is more certain than a good computer that has bad things happen to it. Hard disks can crash. The operating systems can get corrupted. You can lose network connectivity during one of the busiest days of the year. Then you realize that after clicking on delete...Read More »

What Applications To Move To The Cloud First

It is becoming more accepted that some of a company’s applications could benefit from dwelling in the public cloud. From cloud service providers, a few of your customers may already believe this idea and could be open to cloud computing as an idea that could help them grow faster than...Read More »

The SaaS Revolution

The advancement of business methods and how well your IT departments and business units assist each other are important factors in the transitioning process to SaaS. Businesses are gaining more authority in the IT decision-making and budget making processes. Some companies are buying the services they will use directly from...Read More »

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