Making Money With Enterprise PaaS

One key benefit of running enterprise PaaS at scale is the amazing awareness it will give you into how the developers create and operate your group of business systems. We have recently debated the importance of several new features for upcoming PaaS releases. Think about how these features will change everything.


Enterprise PaaS Features

The features of having accurate and real-time views of your applications arrangement and developer uses will make problems which are almost impossible to resolve today somewhat trivial. The governance, compliance, security susceptibility identification, any software bugs and feature planning have all become amazingly simplified.

Once you begin running PaaS at this scale and the multitude of enterprise applications, you will get statistically appropriate insight that you will be able to act on to help your developers and the end users quite a bit more productive.

Cloud Services

Public cloud service providers are using these techniques and have for years as a way to help gain awareness of their users but this only has been focused on consumer products. The shared application platform will give enterprises this same ability. We are not talking about the big and fancy data analytics, but just simple transparency.

If you ask any large scale IT enterprise, they will tell you that basically figuring out how many applications they have and where they will be running can be an enormous challenge with today’s systems. Enter the cloud with its dynamic, elastic and hybrid powers and the past problem becomes almost crippling.

An improved infrastructure application is usually the higher benefit touted by many advocates of the shared cloud infrastructure like the multi-tenant PaaS. While this is significant, it really pales in comparison to the useful developer and application feedback that you can use to develop the agility of your team.

In a recent customer dialogue, a senior IT executive stated that he would prefer to make improvements in developer productivity by 2% over trying to improve infrastructure utilization by 20%.

The dollar savings are quite a nice bonus to have but basically, enterprise PaaS is about making and using an aggressive advantage through your software. The best way to improve your enterprises infrastructure efficiency is by filling it with many innovative applications that will raise your top line and that are what PaaS is all about.

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