The Path To The Cloud

One of the most repeatedly repeated dialogue around cloud computing is about attempting to describe what the cloud really is. Some experts still say the cloud is just virtualization with a few bells and whistles thrown in. Others may claim that it is just a basic automated infrastructure.

What Is The Cloud

Together, these two positions are correct. Virtualization and automation are both necessary to build a cloud, but that alone is not enough.

The main difference between the cloud and virtualization has been analyzed many times. With automation, having a creative automation strategy is very important for moving down the path to the cloud.

Many companies are deciding on when to move to the cloud. It is not a matter of if you move, but how and when you move to the cloud. The next question that is hard to answer is should you go for an all or nothing approach – “Good new, on Monday, everything is in the cloud!” Or is it smarter to go into the cloud with a phased technique, and trying to get every new step right the first time?

One Path To The Cloud

One possible way to get your company into the cloud is by trying to get a good level of uniformity and automation in place first, before you open your doors to the end users. Creative and smart data center automation solutions may help the end users smooth the path to the cloud.

One possible first step is to be able to get a good handle on what is currently going on in data centers today. Then with that information, it will become possible to define where you are and where you want to be. This will make everyone that is involved much easier when the time comes to move to the cloud permanently.

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