What Are PCI DSS Controls?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is used as a general form of security used for online transactions where cards are to be used. These include credit and debit cards among many others. People are using these cards at record rates when online and as a result there is a strong need to make sure that people are able to actually meet the standards that come with getting certain transactions covered no matter how valuable they might be.

pci dss controls

The PCI DSS controls have to be utilized carefully if you want to take in card payments on your business’ website. The controls used here are important because they cover several key aspects of a transaction. They must be met in an appropriate manner if you want to keep what you have under control without any hassles coming out of it all.

How Does PCI DSS Work?

Much of this involves the use of a secure network to keep data controlled. A secure network will utilize a firewall to gather data and transfer it as well as possible. A firewall will be used to identify information from a source to determine if it is coming from a legitimate and safe source.

Much of this comes from the use of verification features. A verification process has to be added to make sure that a card transaction is secure and is actually coming from an appropriate person. This verification can include several methods like the security code on the back of a card being entered into it or a particular online account password being added alongside the card as it is being requested. The verification features will vary based on the card company. Either way, they are to be adjusted by the person who is looking to do business with you.

All the information that will be sent out to the company must be sent out under the client’s own volition. The client has the full right to refuse to carry on with a transaction if that person is not willing to send out the vital data that comes from a card.

Encryption is then required to keep all data that is transferred from one site to another from being stolen. Encryption involves SSL layer protection in most cases. This part of PCI DSS controls is used to make sure that all credit card numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers are to be secure. This is all done with the good faith of the company ensuring that the data the customer sends out will not be sent to any third parties unless the customer actually tells the company to do that.

A number of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs have to be added to a website and a server system. These are to make sure your data is not corrupted by any outside forces. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs often include commercial-grade versions of some of the programs that you might use on your very own computer in your own home.

A security policy has to be established as well. This will describe all the parts of business security that will be utilized.

The final part of the PCI DSS controls involves the use of a careful monitoring process. The monitoring process includes constant virus and spam scans with the newest definitions available for all of these items.

All of these PCI DSS controls are made to make sure that every single card-based transaction on a website is run properly. It is all with the customer’s security in mind to make sure that person is comfortable with actually giving out credit card information.

Why Are There Mandates?

These mandates were established as a means of making sure that people who go onto certain websites to buy specific products are protected. The problem with so many online transactions is that they are often unsecure. This means that just about anyone can break in and steal data as it moves from one point to the next. There has to be a sense of control involved when getting this data protected.

The PCI DSS mandates were established years ago with the newest version having been in operation since 2010. In fact, every single major credit card company in the world has agreed upon the standards that come with these mandates.

These mandates are utilized as a means of making sure that legitimate online merchants are able to do business with people as needed. It creates a sense of authenticity when taking care of certain transactions. Businesses that fail to receive full PCI DSS compliance will be less likely to actually be taken seriously by people who want to buy things online.

The Importance of PCI DSS

The importance that comes with the PCI DSS controls is great to see because it relates to your credibility as an online retailer. You have to meet PCI DSS compliance standards if you want to do business with people online.

A business that meets all PCI DSS compliance standards will be able to keep a customer’s credit card information secure. This means that the business will be a little easier to trust.

You have to particularly follow these controls because the risks that come with not doing so could prove to be extremely destructive to your business in general. One small incident relating to someone’s credit card data not being handled right could cost you in the end. You might lose customers and people will think that you are not responsible. In fact, you could get sued in the event that you do not take anyone’s credit card information seriously. There is even a potential for you to be fined by the government for any wrongdoings that you get into because your business was not fully compliant.

Customers don’t want to do business with websites that are not trustworthy. They want to see that the places they are giving their money to are actually capable of taking care of them.

Customers want to ensure that they money is protected and that it will actually go to the businesses that they buy things from. They want their transactions to go in the right spots no matter what is being used.

A business must have the ability to protect credit card data from the wrong people. This means that it has to run right without anything being exposed to other parties. You need to make sure you meet all PCI DSS standards if you want to keep people from abandoning you.

The PCI DSS standards that come with credit card transactions particularly relate to making sure that customers are capable of having total control over what they send out. This is all in a good faith measure to where they will send their items out and in return get whatever it is they have ordered within a reasonable amount of time. This is not all that much to ask when you think about it. It just means that the data being used is controlled carefully and will be easy to utilize.

Remember, the PCI DSS standards that come with using a credit card transaction must be taken seriously if a business is to actually be credible in some form. Be sure to contact an appropriate web security provider for assistance with meeting PCI DSS controls if you have not met them yet.

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