Security Is Virtually Different With Cloud Computing

Security is very important in cloud computing. It really is very different in regards to general applications and data security that is stored on private networks.

Security in cloud computing is most likely different from that of a private network and likely one of the major reasons is because of virtualization. Security of your data and applications that are applied in your private network should still be applied in the cloud and work.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing Security

The cloud computing technology was built on virtualization. This can raise a few security concerns. And not just of for the companies already in the cloud but for all companies that use virtualization. Security of the virtualized solutions is greatly dependent on security of each individual component. This has been emphasized by NIST, who already have guidelines recommended for security in a virtualized environment.

Proper security in a virtual environment will depend on the security of the hypervisor, the operating systems host, any guest operating systems, some applications, any storage devices and the networks connecting them. Many organizations have already deployed their virtualized environments. They have already considered the implications of the security concerns.

Virtualized Cloud Computing

These organizations are likely the ones who state security as an obstruction to adopting the cloud. Private clouds will become more commonplace in the future. This will cause a need for more monitoring and detection to be sure the security in the virtualized cloud is being adopted.

Your virtualized environment is not that different from the cloud and neither are your security requirements. Security of your data and applications whether in the cloud or in a private hosting environment should be your top priority.

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