A Service Providers Secret Weapon – Agility

The world today is a tough place for a service provider. Your profit per customer is shrinking and the margins are growing. Other over-the-top service providers say they can deliver services at an alarming rate and systems integrators are also positioning themselves as end-to-end providers of more complex services. This can be a powerful mix that is adversely affecting the growth of top line providers like you.


Business Architecture

The desire to offer current and creative services on cutting edge technology is undoubtedly what a lot of service providers are talking about. Unfortunately, some service providers have huge legacy networks to deal with. Stacks like operational support systems, network management systems and element management systems can cause a bottleneck of your new services. So, adopting new and somewhat disruptive technologies like capital cost and time to market can cost you valuable time and money.

As a service provider, you may find yourself with a lower top line advancement opportunity and a repressed capability that affects your bottom line efficiency gains. As a service provider, this turn of events man provoke you to make immediate changes, to become a bit more adaptive and agile to the market demands.

It is now becoming important that service providers move to a business architecture that is more agile. This business architecture needs to provide a more modular and flexible approach to supporting and managing new and existing services. All this must happen while still reducing the complexity of assuring and fulfilling services.

Some factors that you need to be aware of are the ability to quickly adapt to the changing market environments, quickly introduce new cloud-based communications and the ability to integrate third party capabilities into service offerings with ease.

Agile Business Architecture

Using an agile business architecture plan, will enable you to actively seek out some of the latest technologies without the fear of cost and time repercussions. This business structure will also help you increase your strategic options that are open to you when you are choosing your technology partners. This plan should greatly simplify your business and operational process when it comes to managing your service portfolio.

To sum things up, using an agile business architecture will help to erode the old barriers that service providers like you who wish to offer some new and innovative services, improve your bottom line revenues and to strengthen the ability to grab up more customers who will help drive up your top line growth.

So, in conclusion, agility has become a core component in a service provider’s business insight.

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