Steps To Choosing Faster Cloud Hosting

Speed counts when you are need a faster website. A faster website will assure you get a better user experience, lower rates, and higher conversion rates. If you stream media, or use VOIP or real time data, it is possible that speed is very urgent to your success. How can you be sure that you are getting the fastest hosting service? The steps below may help you get the speed you so rightly deserve.


Choose The Right Data Center Location

By locating your server closer to your users, you can have a huge effect on speed. So, the closer the servers and users are, the less delay you will have in server response. This calculates into a faster service and no lag time. Pages load faster and applications will be more responsive.

Data center locations that are strategically positioned to serve the major markets by way of network technology will guarantee the shortest and fastest route to each user. Locating your data centers correctly could be the difference between a huge delay and an almost instant response.

Get the right hardware

You have to find a balance between your budget and performance. You also need to understand your servers’ resource needs and how your CPU and RAM respond to them. Some of these elements may be crucial to upgrading the performance of your website, application or database. Remember, that improving the speed of your website is really being concerned about the increasing resources, and saving money and not over loading unnecessary resources to your website.

Network And Data Center Speeds

It is helpful to know that the data centers that are closer to your base do not guarantee that you will get the fastest possible server response times. So, when it is time to choose a hosting provider, reassure yourself that chosen provider will invest in its network with the intent of reducing delays as well as increasing uptime. This will mean that your chosen provider will investment in quality hardware, schedule regular maintenance and upgrade regularly. When you choose to by hosting, you are buying an infrastructure. So, do not just look at the specifications of the server and the cost, make sure that the providers are using the best equipment.

Understand Your Traffic And Bandwidth Arrangement

A lot of hosting bundles do not include traffic in the price, whether it is for dedicated or cloud servers. So, the price you are quoted may be misleading and hard to compare to other provider companies. Based on how your hosting plan is charged, the bandwidth may represent a big portion of your fee. In cloud hosting the pay-per-use models include traffic and the dedicated hosting fee is only charged once you go beyond a set amount of traffic.

So, paying for the traffic and bandwidth is not that bad, but you need to make estimations to figure the cost you could incur each billing cycle. Also, knowing the data transfer costs will help make sure that a high speed bandwidth is assured for each of your servers.

A lot of customers put server and data transfer speed at the top of their list of priorities for their companies. We, at Local Web, have comparable rates and we will provide you with assistance when needed. When questions arise, we will be there to answer them.

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