Successful Private Cloud Migration Begins With Apps And Data

It is time to take advantage of some of the cloud’s inherent features. It all starts by picking the right apps and data for your migration to the private cloud.

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The everyday use of a private cloud is starting to sound like old news. More enterprises are becoming more comfortable with the idea of cloud computing than they were just a few years ago, and are beginning to move their data to the public cloud. In truth, the private cloud is a most valuable resource to companies if you pick the correct applications and data sets for the migration.

Private Cloud Space

A private cloud, at least the IaaS ones, are now sold by quite a few different providers, including Microsoft, Rackspace, VMware and dozens of other upstarts. There may even be private PaaS clouds available from companies like ActiveState or Apprenda. AWS (Amazon Web Services) currently is a virtual private cloud or a VPC, which basically means you, can get your own private cloud space on Amazon’s huge public cloud.

What is currently the issue is the value that these private clouds can bring to enterprises. While they seem to be a powerful architectural approach, most companies are not using them properly. They tend to move the wrong applications and data to the private cloud, and failing to take full advantage of a cloud’s inherent features.

Private Cloud Migration

In many of these cases, the public clouds are a much better option when you take into consideration the cost, scalability, security and speed-to-market. Unfortunately, these public clouds are never much of a contender because they simply are not part of the analysis during the targeted platform selection process.

What may be missing is the deep planning that is needed to fully understand the requirements of the applications and data that will be residing in a cloud, whether it is public or private. Furthermore, we, as business consumers are not keeping an open mind when we are looking into the right platform for the job, whether public or private.

Enterprises should be focused on perceptions within the cloud computing world. There seems to be a lack of understanding about the cloud world when these enterprises are required to move all the code and data to a private cloud or how to take advantage of the native features of the cloud such as autoscaling.

This information here is only scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how to properly use a cloud, whether it is private or public. In this kind of industry, we tend to find out the purpose and functionality of new technology through trial and error. Hopefully, any errors can be found quickly, and we will become smarter about our knowledge of both the public and private clouds.

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