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A Few Guidelines for Analyzing Cloud Hosting Providers

There are all sorts of quality cloud hosting providers that might help you with getting your cloud computing network up and running. Not every single option is alike though. You’ll have to use several guidelines when thinking about who might be right for your particular needs. These guidelines are dedicated mostly to how you can

FedRAMP is a Unique Governmental Program

FedRAMP, or the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, is used as a means of making it easier for security services to work on cloud-based networks. It has to be operated appropriately to keep all parties that use cloud-based programs running as well as possible. The main purpose of this program is to ease governmental

Why is Microsoft Exchange Email Needed in School?

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most popular email server and contact management programs that people can use for all sorts of communication needs. You can use this program in a variety of different businesses. However, it might prove to be more effective when it is used in a school setting. It could easily help

Layers of Security

What Layers of Security Should Be Offered By a Dedicated Hosting Solution Provider? You have to be sure that you are getting an appropriate amount of security for your web hosting needs. This is regardless of what you want to add to it all. Security is used to physically and digitally protect your program data

PCI DSS Controls

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a general form of security used for online transactions where cards are to be used. These include credit and debit cards among many others. People are using these cards at record rates when online and as a result there is a strong need to make sure that

Risks in Cyberspace

Are you aware of the risks that come with doing business online? You have to be careful when getting your business actions covered online because the risks in cyberspace business are far too real to ignore. Your business could lose money, credibility and even a sense of security if you are not careful with what’s

Web Hosting: Designs Core Standard

It may seem that there is a misunderstanding about what exactly web hosting really means. Most website businesses think that web hosting is frankly the server where your website is stored for access by anyone online. A web hosting company does provide that particular service, but web hosting is also a provider who can allow

Web Hosting Tips to Help You Get Started

Web hosting is a very important part of any good website. Without quality web hosting, good websites will not exist for long on the internet and be accessed by potential customers. Every good website needs a good web hosting service. Read this article to find out how to best choose the web hosting company that

Need Web Hosting Advice? Look at These Tips

Web hosting and running your own website might be new to you. You first have to choose to design a website. You need to be focused on a lot of things, such as purchasing a domain name or deciding on the website’s design. Web hosting then tends to get pushed to the side. Once your