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6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Like it or not, the cloud, cloud computing, SaaS, etc, are terms that we have been hearing in the business and computer world for some time now. This is good, because the benefits of the cloud and cloud computing are virtually endless. Cloud Computing and CIOs The reason this is the case is because the


Though our current economic times are tougher than ever, businesses and schools alike are still looking for ways to overcome their budgetary challenges. A lot of them have found comfort in using some of the new information technologies. One specific technology that both schools and companies have taken advantage of is cloud computing. Cloud computing

Moving to the Cloud with A Hybrid Cloud

I have to admit, when I heard about the hybrid cloud I was a little confused about the whole idea. I understand the objective is to move most of your data as you can to the cloud. Then you will be liberating IT from their everyday infrastructure worries and freeing them to solve more ‘normal’