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Think Strategy When Picking A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You would have had to be living under a rock to miss out on the fact that data control is developing as a more defined topic of our time. Recent talks have been heard about the value of data protection. We have all heard about the breaches, but there is also the valuations of data

Cloud Computing Powers The Future Of Business

Since the conception of Cloud computing and its accompanying technologies are old news. We are reading more stories about the newest cloud advancements and adoptions every day, and creating an actual hype revolution. But, how all these technologies develop and become quickly applied across systems, businesses and IT can affect everyone in very profound ways,

A Service Providers Secret Weapon – Agility

The world today is a tough place for a service provider. Your profit per customer is shrinking and the margins are growing. Other over-the-top service providers say they can deliver services at an alarming rate and systems integrators are also positioning themselves as end-to-end providers of more complex services. This can be a powerful mix

Why A Big Data Stack Must Include An Infrastructure Layer

It is very thrilling to see the cloud industry begin to unite around the big data stack, a complex idea on which to build other reference architectures for more scalable and secure big data systems. Current dialog on what comprises “the stack” will increase the probability of expanding repeatable processes that can result in big