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Immigration Policies For Safe Cloud Migration

The term “migration” is usually used when talking about animals, birds and even people that move out of one place and into another. Migration is a close cousin to immigration and this is a term that is explicitly used when you reference people moving from one location to another location. Both of these terms are

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services are able to provide hosting for websites on a virtual server which will pull their computing resources from a vast underlying network of physical web servers. This then follows the service model of computing in that it will be available as a service instead of as a product and will therefore similar

How Cloud Computing Will Help Businesses

Technology and cloud computing has opened up huge potential and an increased speed of scaling a business. There are a lot of examples of companies that have scaled up into multi-million dollar businesses in a short time. But, what are some of the main fundamentals for scaling that will turn a business plan into a

Hidden Costs Of Cloud Computing

The argument for cloud computing is compelling. After all the numbers get crunched, we still have to ponder what other hidden elements could raise the costs even higher than what was originally planned. Business disruptions and other outages are clear risks, but there is also a more dangerous set of problems that may drive up