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What Is Coming to the World of Cloud Security?

The 2014 calendar year has just started and people are already thinking ahead about what the world of cloud security is going to bring us. It is an essential part of running a cloud setup that anyone could consider but today’s security industry will consist of many important trends. What Is Driving the Cloud Security

What Are PCI DSS Controls?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is used as a general form of security used for online transactions where cards are to be used. These include credit and debit cards among many others. People are using these cards at record rates when online and as a result there is a strong need to make

What is FISMA Audited Hosting?

FISMA audited hosting is a unique type of cloud hosting procedure that must to be used correctly in order to give each business or governmental body the support it requires to keep all of its data online. This type of hosting is backed by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). FISMA audited hosting was

Common Cloud Gotchas: Cloud Security Problems to Avoid

Cloud computing security can be a mystery. The main idea of using a public cloud is to contract out certain foundations and application to other third party providers. So, how can you keep your data secure when it leaves your boundaries and your control? But wait, as confusing as it seems, there is hope. Fortunately

Cloud Services Market Drives Cloud Automation Growth

Some tech magazines might have you believe that most companies are now computing, networking, and storing data in the cloud. But accepting the new cloud computing technology is still at its early stage. Companies are still vying for a piece of the fast growing market. This explosion of cloud services is sending waves through neighboring

Think Strategy When Choosing A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You have to have been in a cave to have missed the data control that is developing as a defining technological issue of our time. Current news is brimming with conversation about the price of data protection. Data Control There have been breaches that we have all heard about, but there is also the surprising

The Evolving State of Cloud Security

As cloud computing continues to grow and flourish so does the concerns of many CIOs about the cloud. Some predict that by 2016 cloud computing will have grown and increased to become what IT spends the most on. One top concern is about moving to the cloud and security. Since your company’s life is very

Cloud Storage and Cost Reduction

In the cloud storage business, we seem to talk a lot about “price wars.” So about every 6 months, a major cloud storage provider will lower their prices, and then everyone else will follow suit. Well, the game is over. If you have not heard, Google has dropped its cost to $0.026/GB per month for

Seeing Into The Cloud

Cyber attacks have changed a lot over the past few years. Just fifteen years ago, attacks were all about penetrating the network, but today more educated attackers have become concerned about being discovered. Just like good bank robbers would be concerned about robbing a bank; a great bank robber has already mastered how to get

3 Ways Cloud Computing Keeps Your Data Safe

Only a few things are more important for most businesses than preserving their data resources. Today’s management groups are better information and more dependent than ever before. The loss of sensitive company data can considerably undermine daily operations in every way. It is crucial for these firms’ executives to identify and deploy the tools and