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Cloud Server Migration Has to Be Run Right – Are You Doing it Right?

The process of cloud server migration is a necessary consideration that must be done appropriately to ensure that a business can get its server moved to a cloud format without any disruption in service. The cloud format makes it easier for the users to get the data they need efficiently while using many different devices.

Enterprises Will Not Have To Choose Between The Private and Public Cloud

A lot of the thinking around processing and data storage defines enterprise data as a similar mass. The true reality is very different. Data is very much individualized across many axes: from a low to high volume, from business crucial to probably useful, from highly sensitive to publishable and from time sensitive to archival. A

What Applications To Move To The Cloud First

It is becoming more accepted that some of a company’s applications could benefit from dwelling in the public cloud. From cloud service providers, a few of your customers may already believe this idea and could be open to cloud computing as an idea that could help them grow faster than their capital investment budget will