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How K-12 Schools Can Take Advantage of Cloud Computing Today

Businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from cloud computing technology. K-12 schools are also able to benefit from this amazing form of technology. Schools can benefit from cloud computing by making it easier for them to back up their data and to store it in a secure online space. It’s also easier

Cloud Services Market Drives Cloud Automation Growth

Some tech magazines might have you believe that most companies are now computing, networking, and storing data in the cloud. But accepting the new cloud computing technology is still at its early stage. Companies are still vying for a piece of the fast growing market. This explosion of cloud services is sending waves through neighboring

Cloud Computing Enabling The Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is true that cloud services have helped to level the playing field for a lot of small to medium size businesses. It is hard to pin down only one factor that makes cloud computing a game changer for businesses of any size. Maybe the major benefit rests in the ability to level the playing

Advantages of Cloud Computing in Education

Right now there is a lot of buzz about cloud computing. In fact, some believe that within a year, cloud computing will be used in K-12 schools and that it will consume almost 25% of their yearly budgets. But, do you know what cloud computing really is and why are there so many people using

We Handle You With Care When You Are In The Cloud

Anything you own of value you keep in a safe or under your mattress. But have you ever thought of locking up your critical data? The cloud makes locking up your data safe and easy to get to get to when you need it. Most networking sites these days will enable you to protect your

Steps To Choosing Faster Cloud Hosting

Speed counts when you are need a faster website. A faster website will assure you get a better user experience, lower rates, and higher conversion rates. If you stream media, or use VOIP or real time data, it is possible that speed is very urgent to your success. How can you be sure that you

Is There Space For Integration In The Cloud?

Lately, you have had a lot of benefits available to you for using the cloud structures. You likely have seen new concepts and solutions that numerous companies are providing to you at the same time. You also have to take into consideration the layers that already exist like IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services are able to provide hosting for websites on a virtual server which will pull their computing resources from a vast underlying network of physical web servers. This then follows the service model of computing in that it will be available as a service instead of as a product and will therefore similar

Cloud Backup – What is it?

Cloud backup, which is also called online backup, is a method of backing up your data. This cloud backup includes sending a copy of the information over a public or proprietary network to a server that is off site. The server is typically hosted by a third party provider, who will then charge the backup

The Truth Concerning Cloud Computing Safety

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses across the world operates and most agree it is for the better. A lot of companies are hurrying to become involved in this highly profitable and cost effective business environment. But, before you jump, you should ask a few questions about how safe cloud computing really is. Cloud