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Cloud Storage and Cost Reduction

In the cloud storage business, we seem to talk a lot about “price wars.” So about every 6 months, a major cloud storage provider will lower their prices, and then everyone else will follow suit. Well, the game is over. If you have not heard, Google has dropped its cost to $0.026/GB per month for

Cloud Storage To Cloud Collaboration

Companies have started porting data archive, backup and recovery and other office functions to the cloud and are oily taking their first very tentative steps in what is likely to prove to be a complete makeover of the data environment as it is know today. Even now, a lot of IT shops are looking past

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Provider

The market is being flooded with a lot of companies who are calling themselves “the best” in cloud storage companies. It is starting to become increasingly hard to narrow down your search and choose one company that actually deserves the title. These companies boast about having certain features and promises, and it is easy to