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What Is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Why Is It Necessary

A Tech Target IT study was conducted late in 2013 and it found that 44% of the IT techs made most of the decisions for their companies in regards to system backups might look at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) this year. A new Forrester survey of 943 businesses that use SaaS applications found that the companies plan

3 Budget Options For Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Being able to budget is necessary to be able to move all items in business forward. A lot of IT professionals do not enjoy budgeting because in relies on intangibles and projections that cannot be yet seen in the upcoming year. New solutions are the hardest technology to budget for since you are not using

Do You Have A Qualified Managed Service Provider?

A lot of MSPs (managed service providers) begin as a break-fix support teams that have expanded their company into an IT management and hosting service. It is true that these MSPs can save you some money up front with lower service rates and some cheaper infrastructure components. But, short term gains usually lead to long