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Hybrid Cloud: The Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery or DR is basically an insurance policy that is mandatory. But, it is also a curiously wasteful way to consume your company’s limited IT budget. Disaster Recovery Strategy Do not think of disaster recovery as wasted money. Since, if a disaster should really happen, you will be very happy that you really had

Hybrid Cloud: The Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery or DR is simply an insurance policy for all intensive purposes. And it is also a terribly inefficient way to spend a company’s limited IT budget. Having a disaster recovery insurance policy is not wasting money; it is after all a policy that might save your business should a real disaster really occur.

Who Will BackUp The Backups?

There is nothing that is more certain than a good computer that has bad things happen to it. Hard disks can crash. The operating systems can get corrupted. You can lose network connectivity during one of the busiest days of the year. Then you realize that after clicking on delete that you really wanted to