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What Is Coming to the World of Cloud Security?

The 2014 calendar year has just started and people are already thinking ahead about what the world of cloud security is going to bring us. It is an essential part of running a cloud setup that anyone could consider but today’s security industry will consist of many important trends. What Is Driving the Cloud Security

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Moving To The Cloud

Building a relationship with your cloud provider is rapidly becoming one of the most challenging situations of IT these days. While individual businesses and users can create cloud storage and other low-level functions swiftly and easily, a full service enterprise cloud will require an adequate amount of prep work. IT Management Typically, there are a

Big Data and Cloud Security: Top Concerns for 2014

Big Data and Cloud Security are two of the top concerns for this year. Among the types of threats were cyber attacks on infrastructure, big data and threats on PCs. Other types of treats included data breaches, data loss, denials of service and malicious users. Many of the same threats that surfaced in 2013 are