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Hybrid Cloud Computing Explained

Hybrid cloud computing is basically a cloud computing environment where a business will provide and manage of some resources both in-house and externally. For instance, a group could use a public cloud service, like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for any old archived information but then continue to use in-house data storage for operational

Think Strategy When Choosing A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You have to have been in a cave to have missed the data control that is developing as a defining technological issue of our time. Current news is brimming with conversation about the price of data protection. Data Control There have been breaches that we have all heard about, but there is also the surprising

Think Strategy When Picking A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You would have had to be living under a rock to miss out on the fact that data control is developing as a more defined topic of our time. Recent talks have been heard about the value of data protection. We have all heard about the breaches, but there is also the valuations of data

Hybrid Cloud: The Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery or DR is simply an insurance policy for all intensive purposes. And it is also a terribly inefficient way to spend a company’s limited IT budget. Having a disaster recovery insurance policy is not wasting money; it is after all a policy that might save your business should a real disaster really occur.

Forecasting The Cloud

The era of the cloud and cloud computing is here. The cloud is real and the only questions left to answer are which cloud type and which cloud provider. Some companies are still having problems deciding on how best to proceed with moving their data to the cloud. There are no two companies’ that will