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Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud: What Is Right For You?

There are three different kinds of cloud networking setups that you may use for business purposes. A Public Cloud, a Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud are your options. You will have to analyze each option to figure out what might be appropriate for the needs that your business may have. The Public Cloud The

Think Strategy When Choosing A Hybrid Cloud Partner

You have to have been in a cave to have missed the data control that is developing as a defining technological issue of our time. Current news is brimming with conversation about the price of data protection. Data Control There have been breaches that we have all heard about, but there is also the surprising

Moving to the Cloud with A Hybrid Cloud

I have to admit, when I heard about the hybrid cloud I was a little confused about the whole idea. I understand the objective is to move most of your data as you can to the cloud. Then you will be liberating IT from their everyday infrastructure worries and freeing them to solve more ‘normal’