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How To Increase Your Cloud Footprint

The sometimes exciting leap to the cloud can also be a very intimidating proposition. For an enterprise that has all their systems deeply entrenched in the usual infrastructures like the old back office and computer rooms and large data centers, this move to the cloud and cloud applications can be very frightening. IT Administrations and

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

There are many different components that differ when it comes down to cloud computing solutions and their infrastructures, and a lot also depends on the provider. We are still able to outline a few of the basic similarities. In many of the cases, cloud computing will rely on the following cloud computing components. Cloud Computing

The Big Data Stack And An Infrastructure Layer

It is great to see that most businesses are beginning to unite around the idea of big data stack and to build reference architectures that are scalable for secure big data systems. Dialog has been open and what constitutes the stack is closer to becoming reality. The likelihood of producing repeatable processes that can result