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Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud: What Is Right For You?

There are three different kinds of cloud networking setups that you may use for business purposes. A Public Cloud, a Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud are your options. You will have to analyze each option to figure out what might be appropriate for the needs that your business may have. The Public Cloud The

Cloud Services Market Drives Cloud Automation Growth

Some tech magazines might have you believe that most companies are now computing, networking, and storing data in the cloud. But accepting the new cloud computing technology is still at its early stage. Companies are still vying for a piece of the fast growing market. This explosion of cloud services is sending waves through neighboring

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services are able to provide hosting for websites on a virtual server which will pull their computing resources from a vast underlying network of physical web servers. This then follows the service model of computing in that it will be available as a service instead of as a product and will therefore similar

Enterprises Will Not Have To Choose Between The Private and Public Cloud

A lot of the thinking around processing and data storage defines enterprise data as a similar mass. The true reality is very different. Data is very much individualized across many axes: from a low to high volume, from business crucial to probably useful, from highly sensitive to publishable and from time sensitive to archival. A

Cloud Computing Is Getting Personal

The term “Cloud” seemingly is not enough of a nondescript analogy for the future of cloud computing. Now some are trying to divide up the cloud so they can shed some light on what is a truly confusing technology. Cloud computing is not the only cloud term we have and use. We also have the

How to Use Cloud Computing to Your Advantage in Business

Cloud computing is a big business advancement, specifically for your business or a business with numerous offices or employees who work remotely and are not linked by one physical network. So, picking the correct cloud applications and then using them to their fullest capability will help your business stay more organized, help reduce cost and

Making Money With Enterprise PaaS

One key benefit of running enterprise PaaS at scale is the amazing awareness it will give you into how the developers create and operate your group of business systems. We have recently debated the importance of several new features for upcoming PaaS releases. Think about how these features will change everything. Enterprise PaaS Features The

Successful Private Cloud Migration Begins With Apps And Data

It is time to take advantage of some of the cloud’s inherent features. It all starts by picking the right apps and data for your migration to the private cloud. The everyday use of a private cloud is starting to sound like old news. More enterprises are becoming more comfortable with the idea of cloud