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What Cloud Computing Really Means

Cloud computing is the latest fad. There is only one problem, it seems everyone has a different definition for what cloud computing really is. The cloud is basically a metaphor for the internet. But, when you combine the cloud with “computing”, that meaning becomes a lot harder to define. Some critics define cloud computing as

Benefits of Using a Cloud Server

Simply put, the term cloud server basically means virtual server that runs on the cloud computing environment. This is why cloud servers are sometimes called Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS. It is true that all cloud servers can also be called virtual dedicated servers. But the opposite is not always the case. The reason for

Misunderstanding The Cloud

A common mistake that most people believe as true is that it is inexpensive and not as difficult to provide a service or software product as a pay for use cloud based service over the internet. However, some IT teams frequently underestimate the operational dependencies that it takes to be able to support applications that

What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a specific type of cloud computing that includes a very obvious and secure cloud based environment that only a specified client is allowed to operate. As with other cloud designs, private clouds can provide computing powers as a service that is within a virtualized environment by using a basic bank of