The Truth Concerning Cloud Computing Safety

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses across the world operates and most agree it is for the better. A lot of companies are hurrying to become involved in this highly profitable and cost effective business environment. But, before you jump, you should ask a few questions about how safe cloud computing really is.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing Security

Close examination of cloud computing security is expected in light of some recent privacy issues and publicized outages in the cloud that happened in the early days of cloud computing. Those outages that Amazon and Sony PlayStation had helped create a sense of concern around the cloud and raised a few questions about the safety of the cloud.

Cloud computing based systems are prone to error. The fears surrounding IT security may be related to the idea of the dangers of flying. The cloud computing outages that Sony and Amazon had are the security failure stories that you have heard about. What you do not hear about are all the thousands of companies that have had failure on a daily basis that have gone undocumented?

Cloud Computing and IT Experts

A lot of IT experts will argue that cloud computing can be safer that the regular mainframe or server-based computing specially for the smaller businesses that do not have the same resources to set aside for maintaining security technology and for employing an IT specialist. The same roadblocks and safeguards will apply to your bigger business applications. The same encrypted passwords, authentication and layers of security packets are required before you can have access to the information that could be sensitive, personal or enterprise specific.

If you are involved in cloud-based activities, it is true that you are putting a high level of trust with your cloud provider in terms of making sure your information is safe and private. Still, as the cloud continues to evolve and more cloud computing providers come, the need for more safety measures will continue to grow. Nevertheless, it seems that an element of fear and uncertainty tends to precede the early cloud computing and new technology adoption phase. However, we constantly engage in these types of activities with the reputable and secure vendors.

Remember to ask the right questions. Make sure that you know where your data will be held at and make certain of the security systems and upgrades of these companies. It is very important to select a cloud computing provider who understands the value of your data and one who is dedicated and has a specialist on staff to keep everything secure. Be sure to choose an experienced and reliable provider who has taken all the safety measures and precautions into account and then your company will reap the benefits of the wonderful world of the cloud

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