Try To Avoid These 3 Roadblocks On Your Way To The Cloud

Avoiding roadblocks is easy, right? Well, it really is not. You have to remember to think about more than just the technical issues involve with moving your data to the cloud. The change in management, culture, the processes and skill sets all play a huge role in making your move to the cloud as smooth as possible. But, what might happen if you neglect any of these factors? Below, I will explain what could happen.

Now imagine if you went to your local home improvement store and you bought a lot of two-by-fours, nails, hammers and brackets and then went home to start building yourself a house. You do not have any blueprints, or architectural drawing or even any dimensions. If you continue, your structure may not turn out the way you want. That is what it would be like if you started building a private cloud without first thinking through a few key points.

What type of business outcome do you want? Do you need to speed up the rate of innovation, or reduce IT costs or maybe just improve your business’s agility?

Do you have any business or regulatory requirements? How complex is your IT department as of today?

Which part of your business do you want to transform first? Do you have a specific timeline? What key milestones do you have?

How will you measure your success or progress? What are some key metrics?

Do you have the needed expertise in house right now to be able to lead the transformation to cloud?

Answer these questions first, and then you will be able to build a strategy and a roadmap for your journey to the cloud. If you do not have the know-how, you will be able to partner up with a trusted cloud professional services company to help you create a more detailed blueprint of the transformation of your IT department, any applications, processes and skill sets.

The Cloud Roadblock 1: Poor Internal Alignment

One of the first roadblocks that you might encounter is not being well aligned for the change. When there is confusion around IT’s role during the move to the cloud, it may result in a cut off in communication between the IT executive and the IT group.

In order to have a profitable transformation to the cloud, you have to have internal alignment at all levels, from the very top executives all the way down to the people in the trenches who are developing the applications and managing the infrastructure.

Achieving better alignment will help the IT executives transform the skill set and mind set of the IT staff and change from a manager of infrastructure to a manager of services. Always remember these key
elements of a successful transition:

A good customer service centric focus

An established organizational structure with specific roles

An established communication plan and strategy

The Cloud Roadblock 2: Lack Of Governance And Process Maturity

One more major obstacle that may slow your company’s private cloud implementation may be a lack of governance and process maturity. If IT fails to think about how to manage the numerous and sometimes competing demands of the move to the cloud, it could result in a line of delays, or changing priorities and even configuration changes.

You can always build a great cloud infrastructure, but if you do not govern and also manage it, your business may suffer. In order for your company to become the internal service provider of shared services, your IT department has to develop a more unified service management for the applications and infrastructure, including such practices as service portfolio management.

The Cloud Roadblock 3: An Inability To Demonstrate Value

Your enterprise may lack a specific method for charging back your IT services to your business. In order to be able to demonstrate value, you and your IT managers have to find a way to show usage of their IT services.

To accurately represent the value of IT, you will need to report your values on a monthly or quarterly basis about how many services IT has performed. You should show whether their services were for the cloud or for the traditional services. By putting into action a service level agreement metrics, your IT department will be able to deliver true evidence that they are providing a valuable service to the business.

Manage, Govern, And Transform

By placing a management framework in place, creating the proper governance, and aligning IT with what they need to keep your business up and running, you will be assured of a successful cloud journey.

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