Web Hosting: Designs Core Standard

server-hostingIt may seem that there is a misunderstanding about what exactly web hosting really means. Most website businesses think that web hosting is frankly the server where your website is stored for access by anyone online.

A web hosting company does provide that particular service, but web hosting is also a provider who can allow you to have a combination of services available to you to move your website from a dream to reality. Web hosting is more than just hosting your website.

TIP! Make sure you back-up your website and any information to your personal computer as often as you can. Your web hosting company may not back-up your website and if they do experience a lot of technical difficulties or they even close down for good, your website will be gone forever and you will have to start a new website from scratch.

Quality Web Hosting

A good quality web hosting company will be able to keep up with the new technology emerging nearly every day, monitor your website’s up-time, improve the existing hardware, and provide the tools you will need to launch your own website.

Let us see if this makes sense to you; a web hosting company will likely provide design services to you, but a web designer cannot always provide a quality web hosting solution. If the idea of web hosting is to provide you a superior level of web hosting services then the common view of a web designer as a separate function of web hosting may also need to be challenged.

Web Hosting Functions

Web hosting has been cut up into the separate functions of web designs; however this does not need to be the case. Web designers are usually thrilled to see internet businesses view the two functions as separate and different from each other. In a lot of cases the web designer will likely indicate that the web hosting comes free with design services. This could sound like a really good deal, but you will likely pay more in website design and maintenance in the first month of operation than a year of a web hosting package that will provide web design functions in a unique template rich environment.

TIP! When you are presented with the idea of a transfer to a new web hosting provider, you may want to think about using a file transfer service to make sure the change is much easier. Transferring files of this magnitude can be very time-consuming to do one file at a time, so this option of file transfer should ease your mind considerably.

This is a different way of looking at the responsibility of a web hosting solution, but it will also provide you a welcome environment for website development and growth in an affordable web hosting package.

In most cases a web designer will spend the biggest part of their time simply designing and maintaining websites and then will have little time left over for any website monitoring, up-time guarantees, or regular hardware upgrades. This can have a lot to do with the huge workload they are under. In a web-hosting solution you become the primary website designer, thus allowing the web hosting company to make sure your “internet creation” is available to a global audience.

To learn more about web hosting and cloud computing visit NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) at http://www.nist.gov/itl/cloud/index.cfm.