Security Services

Server Security Vulnerability Assessment

We provide vulnerability assessment server services to provide valuable information about IT security risks for your network infrastructure. These server security issues include government level server security services. Based on the detailed vulnerability assessment analysis report, proactive strategies can be implemented to fortify and protect your organization’s critical assets.

Penetration Testing

We will scan your server(s) just as a hacker or attacker would, using databases and techniques that are up-to-date with the latest security information available to hackers. Following the scanning and assessment, we will send you a detailed and confidential report of the security assessment, with recommendations. After you have had a chance to close all the server security issues, we will perform a second scan to ensure that there are no remaining issues.

Server Security Cost:

$499 for the first server; $199 for each additional server to be assessed.

Quantity discounts available for more than 10 servers.

Server Security Scanning

We will perform server security scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and send you the reports.

Server Security Cost:

$69 per month for daily scans, $39 per month for weekly scans and $29 per month for monthly scans. Visit our Dedicated Plans security services page for more information on the server services we provide.

Server Security Hardening

Whether your server is on our network or elsewhere, we can perform a detailed security hardening service where we will identify and patch, fix or update any operating system components to resolve any security loopholes that might exist.

Server Security Cost:

$999 per server.

Server Forensics

If you have had a security incident and need an analysis of what happened, how to fix it and how to best prevent this and other network; security incidents in the future, you can count on us. We have helped many customers in the past. You can be assured that our analysis will be performed with the utmost of confidentiality and security for your business needs.

Server Security Cost:

$1500 per server per day (typical analysis is completed within one day).

Network Security Installation

We will assess your existing network; make several alternative recommendations as to what can be added, removed or changed to ensure a secure network, and optionally purchase, install, and configure any needed hardware and software components such as firewalls (DMZ, proxy, interior, exterior etc.), network intrusion detection systems, and other equipment. We will also train you in how to maintain the security equipment from here on out, or take on the regular maintenance of that equipment if that is your preference.

Server Security Cost:

Please email or call 800-525-0031 (within USA and Canada) or 919-544-4101.

Back-Up Service Benefits

According to the latest statistics, 43% of businesses who experience data loss do not reopen after the loss. In addition, over one-third of all unplanned downtime is due to human error. With so much at stake, it is essential to consider the benefits of using back-up services for your business.

1. Server Security Cost

Using back-up services for your business is more cost-effective than performing back-up services for yourself. Back-up service providers are able to purchase storage solutions and software licenses in volume, and they are able to afford larger capacity storage products. By using back-up services, your business is able to take advantage of large-scale buying power without the need for up-front cash outlay. In addition to saving the initial expenses, your business will not be responsible for paying for upgrades or replacements in the future.

2. Staff

Not only do you save money on hardware and software by using back-up services, but also you save money on the staff performing the back-up. By using back-up services, you will have a dedicated, knowledgeable staff taking care of installation, configuration, maintenance, and repairs, but you won’t be required to hire or pay those employees. Back-ups are done for you, with support staff tailoring a back-up solution to your needs. The back-up services staff will even notify you if there are any problems of which you need to be aware.

3. Scalability

Back-up services for your business can be tailored to meet your needs, with back-up being available for any number of systems. In addition, back-up services solutions can grow with your business, preventing you from needing to change services every time you expand.

4. Off-Site

Using back-up services for your business means that your important data is stored somewhere other than your office. In the event of a major disaster, back-up devices located on-site could be damaged or destroyed, creating the same loss of data against which you were trying to guard. If your back-up is located off-site, however, you can easily restore operations to the last back-up point, regardless of what happens to your business location.

5. Continuous Back-Up

Back-up services provide continuous data back-up for your business. With traditional back-up methods, back-up is completed in batches, leaving room for significant data loss if error, damage, or disaster takes place during or between batches. With continuous back-up, there is a very small amount of time during which any data can be lost, ensuring a complete and accurate recovery of your business information.

6. Fast Recovery

Using back-up services allows your business to recover data within minutes. Most back-up services offer several types of delivery for restoring information, as well as keeping multiple file versions. Many back-up service providers even offer one-button data recovery to help you get back to business quickly and easily.

7. No Tapes

With traditional back-up methods, especially those you perform yourself, data is backed up using tapes. With back-up services, you do not have the hassle of dealing with tapes or backing up the data. Recovery does not involve tapes being transported, and there is no issue of having files on multiple tapes. As an added benefit, back-up services save you the heartbreak of discovering corrupted and incomplete data on tapes that have experienced mechanical or environment-related failures.

8. Critical File Storage

Many web services security back-ups also offer the option of storing critical files and programs in addition to storing the back-up files. In the event of a major mishap, the off-site storage will allow you to quickly restore files and programs that are required for keeping your business running smoothly.

9. Support

When using back-up services, you have access to customer and technical support. If issues arise with your scheduled back-ups, you have trouble accessing your back-up, or you have difficulty in restoring your system, you have someone to call. And it’s not just support for hardware or software; support from back-up services understands your business and your needs, enabling them to give you the help you need, when you need it.

10. Fast Setup

Performing your own back-up service means installing necessary hardware and software, figuring out how to operate all of it, and then starting the back-up process. Throughout the process, you have to hope that you are doing it all correctly and that files will actually get backed up. With back-up services, the service provider can have your account set up, ready to start backing up files and programs within a matter of minutes. You’ll know the system is working because you will receive emails alerting you of the back-up and providing details of the files backed up and notifying you if there are any problems.

While back-up services are not always cheap, the benefits of the service far outweigh the cost. Using back-up services keeps your business running because it ensures that your data is always available.

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